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Jan Term at Samford

Jan Term is a period of time at Samford University (January2nd-24th) where students have the option to come back to campus early from Christmas break to take classes. These can be classes the students may need to catch up in their major, classes they want to get done ahead of time, or classes thatare just for fun. Being a nursing major, I decided that I wanted to get Chemistry out of the way so I wouldn't have to take it during a long full semester.

I know what you're thinking though- Why would you ever want to leave Christmas break early just to come back to school? I admit I had the same thoughts too when my mom suggested the idea. However, after going through it, there are quite a few perks to doing JanTerm. For starters, you get the best spots for parking, there are no lines when it comes to doing laundry, and the caf is practically your domain. One of my favorite parts of Jan term though was the people I got to meet. With not a lot of students on campus, you really get close with the people that are there. My path probably would've never crossed with some of my favorite people now had it not been for Jan Term. Jan Term

Another perk to Jan Term is the free time. With only taking one or two classes, you have more time to go to that restaurant you've always wanted to try or go hiking on that trail you haven't been to yet. With my Jan Term experience, I traveled to a different city each weekend. My friends and I had the time to go adventure inTusculoosa, Nashville, and Atlanta.  

As far as what classes you can take during Jan Term, it's important to know that not ALL classes are available for this four-week period. There is however, a wide variety that you can take. Though I took Chemistry, I know quite a few people that took Concepts of Scuba and cool classes like that. Don't be scared ofthe time frame thinking you couldn't pass a class in that amount of time. Tutoring is usually still available during this time periodfor most classes. By the end of the four weeks, I was so glad I took Chemistry ahead of time.

By the time everyone starts coming back to school for the spring semester, you're already moved in and used to the school routine.Jan Term may not be for everyone, but I'm thankful my school stilloffers a time for it's students to catch up, broaden their knowledge in different courses, and even study abroad.    

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