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Undergraduate Day Student (Full-time and Part-time) Tuition and Fees 2013-14


Fee Amount Term
Less than 12 or more than 18 credits - Fall & Spring (per credit)$853each semester
12 to 18 credits - Fall & Spring$12764each semester
All credits - Summer (per credit)$644Term
All credits - Jan. Term (per credit)$853Term
Audit - Degree Seeking (per credit)$853Term
Audit - Non-Degree Seeking (except Applied Music and Art)$853per credit as space is available - semester/term
Application Fee$40Nonrefundable
Application Fee - Undergrad Nursing IVMSON$35Nonrefundable
Tuition Deposit$250Nonrefundable
Tuition Deposit - Accelerated Nursing$500Nonrefundable