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Special Course Fees - In Addition to Tuition 2013-14

Special Course Fees - In Addition to Tuition

Fee Amount Term
Chemistry Lab Fee (CHEM Laboratory Courses: CHEM 109, 206, 306, 316, 326, 370, 375)$150Per Course
Interior Design Fee (IARC Tec/Studio Courses)$175Term

Kinesiology/Nutrition Science Activity Fees - All students enrolled in the following PHED/UCFH courses

Fee Amount Term
Flying Disc Sports (PHED 103)$10Per Course
Aqua Aerobics (PHED 104)$10Per Course
Beginner/Intermediate Golf (PHED 105)$10Per Course
Tennis (PHED 106)$10Per Course
Fitness Walking (PHED 107)$10Per Course
Strength Training-Physical Conditioning (PHED 109)$10Per Course
Personal Fitness (PHED 110)$10Per Course
Basketball (PHED 112)$10Per Course
Racquetball-Badminton (PHED 113)$10Per Course
Aerobics (PHED 114)$10Per Course
Volleyball-Wallyball (PHED 115)$10Per Course
Beginning Social Dance-Women (PHED 117)$10Per Course
Beginning Social Dance-Men (PHED 118)$10Per Course
Fitness Swimming (PHED 120)$10Per Course
Yoga (PHED 127)$10Per Course
Soccer (PHED 131)$10Per Course
Lacrosse (PHED 132)$10Per Course
Beginning Swimming (PHED 133)$10Per Course
Intermediate Swimming (PHED 134)$10Per Course
Synchronized Swimming (PHED 135)$10Per Course
Fencing (PHED 136)$10Per Course
Lifeguard Training (PHED 137)$10Per Course
Water Safety Instructor Course (PHED 138)$10Per Course
Pilates (PHED 139)$10Per Course
Special Physical Activity (PHED 140)$10Per Course
Scuba (PHED 111)$200Per Course
Spin Cycling (PHED 122)$25Per Course
Concepts of Fitness & Health (UCFH 120) Fall & Spring$40Per Course
Concepts of Fitness & Health (UCFH 120) Jan. Term or Summer$25Per Course

Kinesiology/Nutrition Science Special Course Fees - all students enrolled in the following KINS courses

Fee Amount Term
Principles of Food Preparation (KINS 110)$125Per Credit
Activity Fee - First Aid and CPR (KINS 241)$25Per Course
Practicum in Athletic Training I (KINS 274)$25Per Course
Food, Culture, and Society (KINS 312)$125Per Course
Experimental Foods (KINS 414)$125Per Course
Sports Nutrition (KINS 477)$5Per Course

Special Program/School Fees

Fee Amount Term
Music: Applied Instruction - MUSA course(s)$175Per Credit
Music: Student Recital Fee$50per performance
Business School Administrative Fee - Fall & Spring$125each semester
Business School Administrative Fee - Jan. Term & Summer$50once each term
Education School Administrative Fee - Fall & Spring$100each semester
Freshman Orientation - All Freshmen Enrolled in Orientation - Summer$200each orientation session
International Student Fee (all international students) Fall & Spring$50each semester
Urban Exchange (formerly Neighbor Now SOSA) All students participating in Neighbor Now - Summer$260each session
Nursing Drug Screening Fee All Undergraduate Nursing Students: Non-accelerated Nursing: NURS 381, NURS 452 Accelerated Nursing: NUAD 381, NUAD 452$40charged twice - NURG381 and NURG452
Additional Nursing Drug Screening Fee - All Undergraduate Nursing Students (BSN & UN)$40Incurred
Nursing Clinical Practice Fees - All Undergraduate Nursing Students Non-accelerated Nursing: NURS 241; Accelerated Nursing NUAD 241$500one time charge
Nursing School Undergraduate Technology & ATI Fee - All Undergraduate / Accelerated Nursing Students with Class Level of Jr., Sr. or S5$300each semester/term
Samford Summer Adventure - Summer$350each session
School of the Arts Art Dept Student Fee undergrads$175each semester/term
School of the Arts Thea Dept Student Fee undergrads$175each semester/term
University Fellows Program Fee - UFWT 101, UFWT 201$350Per Course
Business Sports Marketing Fee - Fall & Spring$150each term
International Student Fee (all international students) Jan. Term & Summer$25once each term
Technology Fee - Fall & Spring$150per semester
Campus Life Fee - Full-time Fall & Spring$250each semester
Campus Life Fee - Part-time Fall & Spring$150each semester
Campus Life Fee - Undergraduate Clinical & Accelerated BSN Students - Fall & Spring$25each semester
Insurance Premium - undergraduate students in College of Nursing$TBDannual (charge reversed if waiver is appropriately submitted)

Insurance Premium - Per Term if Required and no waiver - Insurance Co-Pay - As incurred