Samford University

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Graduate Tuition and Fees 2013-14

Business, Education, Environmental Management and the Arts

Fee Amount Term
Graduate Programs Education, Business, ENVM, Arts (for degree or audit)$722per credit each semester/term
Application Fee$35each application, nonrefundable
Business School Administration Fee - Fall & Spring$125each semester
Business School Administration Fee - Summer$100Term
Business School Administration Fee - Jan Term$50Jan Term
Campus Life Fee - Fall & Spring$100each semester
Technology Fee - Fall & Spring$150each semester
Education School Administration Fee - Fall & Spring$100each semester
English as a Second Language - International Students$375per credit - if required
ENVM Annual Administrative Fee - International Students$50each semester
Music - Applied Instruction (MUSA classes)$175per credit each semester/term
English as a Second Language - Tutoring$625per credit - if required
International Student Fee (all International students) Fall & Spring$50each semester
International Student Fee (all International students) Jan. Term & Summer$25once each term

Joint degrees - by classification / Insurance Premium - Per Term if Required and no waiver - Insurance Co-Pay - As incurred