High Point Adventure

Learn By Doing

A typical day starts with trained facilitators guiding your group through a series of initiatives designed to ease the group into teamwork, promote communication and trust, increase the participants' sense of confidence, increase mutual support within the group, and set the tone for the day's accomplishments, both physical and psychological. Facilitators teach group members the proper safety procedures and techniques, which make your climb a safe and unique experience. The facilitators will also familiarize your group with the Alpine Tower and Carolina Climbing Wall to involve each member in the climb.

Each initiative concludes with a group discussion led by a facilitator intended to focus your group on what you learned and the metaphors, which make it applicable to your personal lives or situations. After the training is completed, the session culminates in climbing the Alpine Tower and the Carolina Climbing Wall.

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For more Information Call Campus Rec @ 1-(205)- 726-2194 or e-mail Campus Rec Director Nick Madsen
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