Samford University

The Accommodation Process

Disability Resources (DR) provides accommodations for qualified students and applicants with disabilities. Student or applicants with disabilities should contact DR for an appointment and provide appropriate documentation for post-secondary education. Reasonable accommodations are provided on a case-by-case basis and must pertain to the functional limitations of the disability upon the individual.

After reasonable accommodations are determined, DR provides students with an accommodation letter. The letter is emailed to the student for submission to the professor. Students may either forward the letter electronically or print the document presenting it to the professor during office hours. For subsequent semester accommodation letters, students should check their Samford email on the first day of class. It is the responsibility of the student to meet promptly with professors providing a copy of the accommodation letter for each semester in which requesting accommodations. Registered students may request accommodations at any point during the term. However, students that do not give sufficient notice of accommodation requests are not guaranteed optimal accommodations will be implemented. Students have an obligation to inform Samford University in a timely manner of accommodation requests.

Students' responsibilities with accommodation requests are as follows:
  1. Meet with DR to discuss accommodation requests if not already registered with DR for official accommodations. 
  2. DR will prepare and email to you an accommodation letter for distribution to the professors of each course for which accommodations are requested. 
  3. Discuss how accommodations will be implemented with the professor of the course. DR is available to offer suggestions to the student and faculty member. 
  4. Test proctoring is available in the DR Test Proctoring Center if the student needs adaptive technology, a reader, or if the professor is unable to provide test proctoring. Remind the professor of exam accommodations, have him/her complete test proctoring forms, and schedule exams in the DR Test Proctoring Center no later than one week before exams. Exams are scheduled in the DR Test Proctoring Center on a first come, first serve, basis. Students may schedule exams in the DR Test Proctoring Center ONLY upon submission of a completed Test Proctoring Form available on the DR website under Forms & Documents, or in the DR office. 
  5. Report any problems with accommodation implementation in writing to DR. 
Students are highly encouraged to discuss accommodation letters with professors before accommodations will be implemented. Professors are not obligated to provide accommodations until they are notified by official letter to do so. Also, accommodations are not retroactive. In other words, faculty members are not obligated to accommodate prior exams, assignments, or any course related activity before an accommodation letter is delivered and discussed.

Students are entitled to appeal accommodation decisions of DR, faculty or other SU entities. Please refer to the 504/ADA Grievance Process for Students.