Secondary Education (M.S.E.)

Fifth-Year Nontraditional Graduate Program

The Master of Science in Education Alternative A Fifth-Year Certification Program in Secondary Education (Fifth-Year Non Traditional Masters) is designed for graduates of an accredited university who already have a BA or BS degree and desire to earn a Class A teaching certificate to teach in their content area at the secondary level of education (grades 6–12). The program accommodates those working part- or full-time, including those currently teaching with provisional certificates, and to this end, courses are offered in the late afternoon, evening, or Saturdays. Since observation in a variety of classroom settings is a vital component of teacher education, teacher candidates enrolled in the program are required to complete a minimum of 10-65 observation hours per term, depending upon their course schedule.

The program is composed of 36 credit hours (depending upon prospective student’s transcript) plus any prerequisite credit hours necessary for admission. Of this total of 36 hours, 24 hours are in professional courses, including the internship, and 12 are in the student’s chosen content area or teaching field. If candidates pace themselves to advance with their cohort group, the program can be completed in 16–18 months.

Degree Areas

Samford’s FYNT program offers degrees in the following areas for grades 6–12:

  • Biology
  • English/Language Arts
  • General Science
  • History
  • Math
  • General Social Studies
  • Spanish
  • Physical Education P–12

Career Options

Secondary education educator

Companies for Internships

All local schools, as well as external international placements



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