The Academic Success Center

The mission of the Academic Success Center is to facilitate students’ successful transition through Samford University by identifying and providing academic resources in a highly collaborative and student-centered manner.

The director works closely with faculty, the admissions office, Career Development, and the counseling offices to provide academic assistance as needed. First-year and transfer students are particularly encouraged to take advantage of the center’s services to facilitate their transition to Samford University.

Our Services

The Academic Success Center offers a variety of academic services free of charge to all Samford students.

Individual Academic Consultations

Students may request a consultation with an ASC staff member to discuss academic goals, study strategies, time management, and any other academic needs. To arrange a consultation, please send your request to Please specify if you need an online consultation or an appointment outside of regular business hours.

Assistance in Declaring or Changing Majors

ASC staff can provide assistance to any students who are considering declaring a major or changing their current major. Drop in for help filling out a change of major form or request a consultation to discuss options for declaring or changing majors. The Career Development Center can also provide in-depth individual assessments and information about jobs and salaries for students in different majors.

List of Majors

Career Development Center

Samford Success

Samford Success is a program for conditionally admitted students that features enhanced academic advising, academic consultations, special programming, and connection to other campus resources. The ASC automatically enrolls conditionally admitted students in the program and contacts them to offer assistance. Students in Samford Success have a guaranteed spot in Foundations 101, our popular first-year experience course, and preferred registration for Academic Edge, an early move-in program that offers extra academic support for first-year students.


FOUN 101 is a first-year experience course that helps students connect with Samford and foster academic success. Students may take FOUN 101 in the fall of their freshman year. 1 credit.
FOUN 102 provides vocation-centered experience and opportunities for exploring majors, reflecting on calling, and preparing for professional school. 1 credit. FOUN 201 offers upperclassmen the opportunity to be peer mentors for FOUN 101 courses. 0-1 credit.
FOUN 210 allows upperclassmen the opportunity to discuss and reflect on important ideas that cultivate academic and cultural awareness, promote intellectual curiosity and connect with various career paths. 1-2 credits.

Resources for Students

The ASC offers free, drop-in tutoring in several academic subjects during the fall and spring semesters. Each semester’s schedule is posted the second week of classes. Tutoring is not typically offered during summer or Jan Term. We encourage students to contact their professors or the ASC for assistance.


The ASC offers free, drop-in tutoring in several academic subjects. Please see our schedule for tutoring options this semester. Each semester’s schedule is posted the second week of classes. Tutoring is not typically offered during summer or Jan Term. We encourage students to contact their professors or the ASC for assistance.

Free Tutoring Schedule

Private Tutoring

The ASC maintains a list of private tutors available in various subject areas. Please click the link below and enter your Samford username and password to access the list. Students are responsible for contacting these tutors and arranging tutoring sessions and fees.

Private Tutors List

Study Resources

Take advantage of these study tips and resources. If you would to discuss one or more of these topics, please contact the ASC to arrange an individual consultation.

Disability Resources

If you would like to request a learning accommodation or a consultation to discuss accommodations, please contact Disability Resources or visit the office’s website. This office serves as the primary campus resource for students with disabilities. Disability Resources works individually with each student to determine appropriate accommodations to ensure access to programs, activities and services.

Disability Resources

Counseling Services

If you are in need of professional counseling services, please contact the office of Counseling Services & Wellness Programs. Counseling Services provides consultations, evaluations, limited assessments, crisis intervention, short-term exploratory psychotherapy, and educational outreach programming. The office’s services are free of charge to Samford students.

Counseling Services

University Library

The University Library is the primary campus resource for research and study space. If you need assistance researching a topic for a class assignment, contact the library research staff or the Ask Us! page.

University Library

Office of the Registrar

If you need to obtain or turn in forms relating to declaring a major, changing a major, transcripts, class registration, graduation, or other academic needs, please visit the Office of the Registrar online or in person. Our office can assist you in obtaining and completing academic forms, but students must turn academic forms in to the Office of the Registrar.

Office of the Registrar


The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) specifies students’ rights to control parts of their educational record. To indicate your preferences regarding who may access your academic record, go to Portal > Personal Information > Student FERPA Agreement and complete the form.

Resources for Parents

We encourage parents to direct their students to our office to take advantage of our resources. We work to meet individual student needs and can best do so by speaking directly with a student.

Private Tutors for Samford Students

The ASC maintains a list of private tutors available in various subject areas. Students may click the link and enter their Samford username and password to access the list. Students are responsible for contacting these tutors and arranging tutoring sessions and fees. Only students may access this list.

Private Tutors List

Private Tutors for Non-Samford Students

If you would like to hire a Samford student to tutor your non-Samford student, you may post your request as an available position at Once there, click on the “Employers” link and then the “Create Account” link to register as an employer. After your registration has been approved, you can post any number of positions you would like. This is a free service. When you have posted a position, you may email the Academic Success Center, and we will alert available private tutors of the new posting.


Academic Calendar

The Office of the Registrar publishes Samford’s academic calendar. You may view the calendars for the next several semesters on the Office of the Registrar’s website. The academic calendar contains important dates for adding or dropping classes without financial penalty or academic penalty. The calendar also indicates when registration begins for the next semester and when midterm and final grades are posted.


Academic Advising

Every Samford student is assigned an academic advisor. If your student has questions about his/her advisor, please encourage your student to contact our office. If you believe that your student may need to change majors, please encourage your student to make an appointment with the Career Development Center, meet with an advisor in the new department to learn about the potential new major, and/or contact our office at any point for assistance.

Career Development Center

Study Abroad

Samford’s Global Engagement Office offers a variety of study abroad opportunities. However, taking advantage of these opportunities requires careful academic and financial planning. Visit the Global Engagement Office’s website for more information.

Global Engagement


The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) specifies students’ rights to control parts of their educational record. Students can consent to allow access to their academic records by completing an online form on Portal > Personal Information > Student FERPA Agreement. If you would like to learn more about FERPA restrictions, please visit the Office of the Registrar’s website.

Office of the Registrar

Resources for Faculty

We encourage faculty to take advantage of the resources below. However, faculty should always address concerns with their department chair and/or dean.

Student Concerns

If a student misses multiple class sessions in a row without contacting you, please email the Academic Success Center to notify us of the student’s absences. If you are concerned about a student’s abnormal behavior, please check the Student Concerns and Crises guide to determine the appropriate response. If you are unsure of the appropriate response, submit a CARE team form.

Student Tracking

A progress report campaign is an electronic student feedback request emailed to faculty from the Academic Success Center. Normally, we send out two campaigns a year – one in the third week of the semester and one prior to the final deadline to withdraw from a class. The ASC tracks several student populations and thus requests feedback on how selected students are performing in your course(s). The purpose of these campaigns is to increase student retention and promote academic success.

The campaigns target “at risk” student populations as well as students who may not be “at risk” but have additional requirements for NCAA standards or academic programs. Other populations may have non-academic concerns that require extra support and communication.

The ASC uses this information to support students by connecting them to relevant resources, tracking their academic progress, and/or offering our office’s services. Additionally, if a faculty member marks a student as at risk in a class, an automatic notification is sent to the student’s advisor(s).

Referring to the Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center provides general academic assistance to all students. Disability Resources provides specific types of assistance to students with disabilities. Please see Disability Resources for more information about your responsibilities to students with testing accommodations for disabilities.

If a student seems to be struggling with time management, academic skills, organization, class attendance, or other such issues, please encourage the student to make an appointment for an academic consultation by emailing us. Additionally, we can help connect students with resources if they are struggling with class content. We can also assist students in connecting with the relevant contacts on campus when students are considering academic policies, changing majors and minors, or otherwise need administrative assistance with academic matters.

Disability Resources


The Office of the Registrar provides information detailing your responsibilities as a faculty member regarding FERPA.

Office of the Registrar

Alpha Lambda Delta


The mission of Alpha Lambda Delta is to encourage superior academic achievement among students in their first year in institutions of higher education, to promote intelligent living and a continued high standard of learning, and to assist students in recognizing and developing meaningful goals for their roles in society. Samford’s chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta was chartered in 1958.

2019-2020 Officer Team

  • President - Olivia Pelias
  • Vice President - Sloan Jolly
  • Secretary - Edward Garner
  • Social Media Team - Halee Morris, Elizabeth Pridgeon, Claire Scott
  • Senior Liaison - Lauren Sizemore
  • Junior Liaison - Ethan Fussell
  • Sophomore Liaison - Ruthie Mathews
  • Leadership Team - Madeline Guy (co-chair), Emma Tod (co-chair), Elizabeth Cox, Eulaya Erb, Kylie Nixon, Anna Tankersley, Christa Bella Bizimana, Katie Hill, Mckenzi Marlow, Julia Sisk
  • Advisors - Ms. Bridget Rose, Ms. Penny Seals

Selection Process

Initiation into Samford’s chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta is for first-year students who are in the top twenty percent (20%) of their class and have a minimum first-semester GPA of 3.5, although in most years the GPA for the top 20% is much higher. Students must earn at least 12 credit hours during their first semester to be eligible for induction, and an induction ceremony is held every Spring.

Some responses are adapted from the National Alpha Lambda Delta website. For more information, see

Our Team

Photo of Bridget Rose
Bridget Conway Rose
Director, Academic Success Center, Assistant Professor, Core Curriculum
Academic Success Center
Photo of Penny Seals
Penny Seals
Assistant Director, Academic Success Center, Coadvisor, Alpha Lambda Delta
Academic Success Center
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