Study Abroad

If you are interested in studying abroad during your college career, you have a number of choices to make. The most critical variables to consider are location, cost, credits and scholarships. If you would like to learn more about studying abroad at Samford, please click on the following link.

Study Abroad at Samford

Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

Each semester we have a number of faculty-led study abroad programs and full semester exchange programs available to you. All of the programs currently accepting applications are available in our list of featured programs, which you can find here.

Exchange Programs

Pädagogische Hochschule Weingarten, Germany (German language required)

Universidad Blas Pascal, Cordoba, Argentina (Spanish language required)

Seinan Gakuin University, Fukuoka, Japan

Hong Kong Baptist University

London Core Texts Program

The London Core Texts Summer Course is a two-week travel and study experience for select rising sophomores.  The program seeks to further the intellectual narrative begun in the two-semester freshman Cultural Perspectives classes by immersing students in an intense course of reading and discussion all while living in Samford’s Daniel House in London.

The course progresses historically, and mostly chronologically, beginning with ancient texts housed in the British Library and the British Museum.  After covering material from the ancient world, the course introduces students to the great epochs of British history.  Students will read texts and tour sites related to Roman Britain, Anglo-Saxon England, the Norman Conquest, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, Imperialism, the World Wars, and Post-Colonialism.  Students will also be required to visit the four foremost art museums of London.

Please consider identifying students you believe would make good candidates for this opportunity.  Selection depends on your endorsement of the student.  You may nominate two students from each of your sections.  In addition to the faculty nomination, students must also submit a short essay explaining why they wish to participate, and a record of their first semester GPA in order to receive full consideration.  Nominations will remain open until after final exams.  Students will be notified by letter of their nomination and asked to submit the supplemental materials.  Final selection and notification will take place in early January.  Students will register for the class in the spring. 

University Fellows

University Fellows is Samford’s honors college experience. Our program offers an interdisciplinary great ideas core curriculum, international study in Italy, funding for academic enrichment, and a four-year University Fellows scholarship. Admission to the program is highly competitive. We’re looking for intellectually curious, ambitious students who want to make connections across disciplines. The program is open to students from all Samford undergraduate majors, but students must be admitted as high school seniors. In addition to the international study experience in Italy, University Fellows can apply for funding to support study abroad opportunities.

Scholars Programs

 Latin American Scholars

Samford’s Latin American Studies Program is intended to teach students about the diverse nations of the Americas and Caribbean known collectively as Latin America.  Through emphasis on the Spanish and/or Portuguese languages and an interdisciplinary approach to the region, students will develop linguistic and cultural fluency, geographical and political expertise and historical understanding of Latin America. Latin American Scholars travel abroad as the capstone experience for this program.

 Brock Scholars

The Brock School of Business pioneered the Brock Scholars program in 2009 to empower high-achieving business students to enhance and customize their education. This innovative program allows students to design their own curriculum, work closely with faculty, gain practical business experience, and receive additional funding. The program is designed for students whose academic goals and career aspirations call for a curriculum different from the six traditional majors offered. The Brock Scholars Program endeavors to fully equip students to achieve their academic and career goals. Brock Scholars funding can be used for international internship experiences as well as other study abroad opportunities.

Which type of program is best for me?

Faculty-led Programs

A Samford faculty-led program assures the easiest application of earned credits and any financial aid you have earned. You may also take a class or classes from familiar faculty and with other students you know.

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Studying Abroad with a Non-Samford Program

Sometimes called third-party providers, many private American organizations provide study abroad programs in most academic disciplines all over the world. Depending on location, many of these programs can be very cost effective. Samford scholarships do not apply to the costs of these programs, although students can often get a loan to cover the cost of studying abroad. In addition, extra paperwork is required to transfer credits from a third party provider back to Samford.

Whichever road you choose toward global citizenship, the following guide from can be very helpful in helping you plan and make decisions.

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