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Go Farther.

Samford Abroad is a nationally ranked, innovative leader in providing global educational opportunities. Samford’s commitment to providing international programs to its students stems from the school’s mission to nurture persons in the development of intellect, creativity, faith, and personhood.

Core to the Samford Abroad experience is the community among students and faculty during the international trip. It is truly unique approach in higher education today and prepares students with maturity and perspective to engage a global society while introducing students to other cultures in real-world, practical way.

Benefits of International Education

  • Prepare yourself with maturity needed to engage a society with profound challenges
  • Experience other cultures in real-world, practical way
  • Develop foundation for advanced career opportunities
  • Gain a new perspective on world affairs, your country and even your own school
  • Learn a language
  • Improve your professional and financial potential
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to travel

Impact Stories

Succeed Farther

Jonathon RobinsonJonathan Robinson has defined success in his own terms. It’s not based on how much money you make or what kind of recognition you receive. For Jonathan, it’s about knowing who you are, and who you are not.

After studying at the Daniel House in London, Jonathan realized he was not on a career path that was going to make him happy. So he pivoted, changed course, and started his own company.

Jonathan credits his semester in London as shaping him more than any experience at Samford. For him, it was not only a chance to see the world, but also to take a look inside himself.

“It opened my eyes to the greater world and forced me to reconsider homegrown assumptions about truth, choices, privilege & the Southern bubble. Not only do you experience a melting pot of cultures and meet new people, but studying abroad breaks down your pride & self-importance. You begin to figure out what makes you unique and what you were created for.” –Jonathan Robinson, Entrepreneur and CEO of

Create Farther

Bryan JohnsonDuring his semester at the Daniel House in London, Bryan Johnson took his camera everywhere - documenting the people, places and arts around him. He was exposed to the world’s best museums, theater and global cultures, all while honing his craft of photography.

Bryan attributes his time in London with Samford Abroad to shaping his career as a professional photographer. The majority of his initial portfolio as a young photographer was built upon his work in London. It landed him some jobs that have now led to work with Blue Bottle Coffee, Chick-Fil-A, and other national brands.

I was 20 years old and needed an experience that would define my journey into adulthood. My 4 months of learning, exploring, and experiencing that city was like a rite of passage. I came home a different person. A lot of it was undefinable and intangible - but things were different. Outside of meeting my eventual wife, there is no single experience that defined my college years more than my time abroad.” –Bryan Johnson, Founder and Owner of ABryan Photo

Learn Farther

Angel SimmsAngel Simms is a student from Chattanooga, Tennessee, but her experiences with Samford Abroad have taken her around the world. Twice.

Before her sophomore year, Angel studied in London at the Daniel House. Her experience abroad exposed her to new cultures, deep friendships, and a global perspective with which to see the world. So she did it again.

In her junior year, Angel furthered her studies in Barcelona, Spain. It was there that she realized her passion for international relations and curiosity for global cultures. Angel plans to go back to study the social climate of Spain and other countries to continue her research.

“I was able to observe and be a part of a completely different culture. From the food to the language, the dialect, I was surrounded by people who were different than me, which gave me a holistic view of the world.” –Angel Simms, Samford University Student

Serve Farther

Rachel HaguesRachel Hagues first visited Tanzania as a graduate student in 2008. What she thought was an opportunity to see a new part of the world turned out to completely change the trajectory of her life.

Ten years later, Dr. Hagues leads Samford students on a service-learning trip to collaborate with the Africa Inland Church in Tanzania (AICT). Both social work and pharmacy students engage in an innovative two and half week curriculum that gives them opportunities to work directly with women from the Ukerewe and Musoma communities.

Dr. Hagues leads the program alongside Dr. Murphy from the McWhorter Pharmacy School and intends to grow new opportunities in Tanzania through Samford Abroad for internships, research, and continued learning.

“For me, it completely opened my eyes and put me on a different life trajectory than what I thought I would be on. I think it can do that for anyone. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll do research in Africa, but it does mean you’re more aware of the needs in the world. It changes the things that we care about.” –Dr. Rachel Hagues, Samford University Professor

Samford Abroad Programs

Kensington, LondonEach year approximately 280 Samford students participate in Samford’s more than 50 international study programs. Within this portfolio of international educational options for Samford students includes both Samford sponsored and affiliate programs in partnership with selected university partners in cities like Rome, Italy; San Jose, Costa Rica; Paris, France; Hong Kong; and Jerusalem, Israel.

The flagship of the Samford Abroad portfolio is the Daniel House, a 5-story home in central London, roughly a mile from Kensington Palace. The Daniel House is used by students and faculty as both a home and a classroom and provides the setting for Samford faculty to develop students in an inspiring cultural context as affordably as possible. In 2018, the Daniel House underwent a more than $2 million renovation to update both the living facilities and academic potential of the property as well as some needed structural updates.

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English Lake DistrictSamford Abroad is a nationally ranked, innovative leader in providing global educational opportunities. Samford’s commitment to providing international programs to its students stems from the school’s mission to nurture persons in the development of intellect, creativity, faith, and personhood.

Step 1

Speak with a Global Engagement Office peer mentor for an overview of types of programs, upcoming programs, application deadlines, costs, dates, etc.

Step 2

Apply for a passport if you have not already. Remember, you should have a passport with six months of validity remaining to travel internationally.

Step 3

Speak with your academic adviser to determine which term works best for your schedule, which courses satisfy which credits, and if credit equivalents can be applied.

Step 4

Meet with the Global Engagement Office to finalize your options.

Step 5

Submit application online at A $100 application fee will be charged to the student's account following the application deadline.

Step 6

Wait to be accepted into program. Students may not be accepted if they do not meet qualifications or if class enrollment is maxed.

Step 7

Attend predeparture orientations and complete necessary paperwork.