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About University Fellows

University Fellows is Samford's honors college experience. Our program offers an interdisciplinary great ideas core curriculum, international study in Italy, funding for academic enrichment, and a four-year University Fellows scholarship. Admission to the program is highly-competitive. We're looking for intellectually curious, ambitious students who want to make connections across disciplines. The program is open to students from all Samford undergraduate majors, but students must be admitted as high school seniors.

The Mind.

According to Aristotle, all knowledge begins in wonder, and all wonder begins with a question. University Fellows courses are designed to raise the kinds of questions that will lead you to greater curiosity about the world around you. Whether you are exploring justice with Plato, grace with Augustine, motion with Galileo, or economics with Marx, University Fellows will challenge you to think deeply about what you believe and why.

  • Fellows take a unique core curriculum. In addition to a four-semester great books sequence, Fellows participate in seminar-style courses in composition, biblical studies, global cultures, and the philosophy of science.
  • Fellows have special access to undergraduate research funds, including the Alabama Power Foundation Research Fellowship. 

The Virtues.

Putting knowledge into right action requires wisdom. To that end, the University Fellows program is committed to understanding how the classical and Christian virtues are essential to the cultivation of responsible citizenship. In a class called The Virtues, Fellows explore how virtue and character are essential to responsible leadership. They are challenged to reflect on their own calling and to prepare themselves to be intellectual leaders in their fields and disciplines.

The World.

Not all roads lead to Rome, but they do if you are a University Fellow. In addition to traveling to Rome, Fellows are provided other opportunities to explore their education in a global context. Students can read Shakespeare at the Daniel House in London, travel the Amazon in  Jan Term for biology credit, or sign up for our exchange program in Hong Kong. Wherever you want your journey to take you, University Fellows is committed to making it happen.

  • Fellows travel to Italy (Rome & Florence) during  Jan Term of the sophomore year and have priority registration for all other Samford international study experiences.
  • In 2010, University Fellows received a $450,000 gift to endow the Daniel Foundation International Study Scholarships.  Junior and senior Fellows may apply for these scholarships to study abroad.

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