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Additional On-Campus Research


Pathway to Graduation Research Fellowship (Summer 2013)

Lindsay Wiseman (Elem. Education, '14) received a Pathway to Graduation Research Fellowship to spend the summer conducting research with Samford's School of Education. She helped provide intensive reading instruction to middle schoolers at risk of dropping out. 

"Who Pulls the Random Strings of Neural Evolution?" (Summer 2013)

Jason Goebel (Biochemistry, '14) spent the summer conducting Science and Religion research with Dr. Steve Donaldson. His involvement included updating and writing code as well as data acquisition from evolutionary simulations. The data obtained will be used to show if constrained randomness supports or does not support evidence of divine providence. 

Synthetic Studies Toward "Smart" Therapeutics (Summer 2012)

Jason Goebel (Biochemistry, '14) received funding from an anonymous donor to University Fellows to work in Dr. Andy Lampkins' chemistry lab. Building upon previous Samford research, the student team took amino acid derived scaffolds and demonstrated that three different groups can be synthetically conjugated selectively to the scaffold. This ongoing research project focuses on creating "smart therapeutics" to be used in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

McWhorter School of Pharmacy Research (Spring 2014)

Under the guidance of Dr. Kim Benner and Dr. Jeff Kyle, Adrienne Darby (Pharm.D., '15) and co-researcher Tim Lewis reviewed patient charts from a community hospital to determine the number of patients who received initial guideline-based treatment for Clostridium difficile infections (CDI). For patients that did not respond to initial therapy, they identified potential risk factors. They presented “The Difficulty with Clostridium difficile:  A Retrospective Review Analyzing Appropriate Guideline-Based Diagnosis and Risk Factors for Non-Response" at the American Society of Health SystemPharmacists (ASHP) Summer Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada in June of 2014.

McWhorter School of Pharmacy Research (Summer 2012)

Adrienne Darby (Pharm.D., '15) studied the effects of alternative medicines on chemotherapeutic prodrugs. Her research mentor, Dr. Greg Gorman, serves as Director of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Institute at McWhorter School of Pharmacy. Adrienne presented final results at the Samford University Summer Research Symposium. 

"Determining the Secondary Uses of the Field V Basilica" (Summer 2010)

Aaron Carr (Religion and Classics, '12) joined Dr. James Strange and the University of South Florida excavations at Sepphoris, Israel. They continued excavations of a Roman basilica structure, focusing on an area in the southern portion of the building believed to be reused as an industrial area in the Byzantine period. During their excavations, they disclosed two walls, major evidence of a secondary Byzantine construction, and a handful of artifacts.

"Pictures in the Head? A Computational Model of Mental Imagery" (Summer 2009)

Chris Walling (Mathematics and Computer Science, '12) worked with Dr. Steve Donaldson and Samford student Claire Richie on a computational model explaining their views on mental imagery systems. Their study addressed a central point of contention in the philosophical debate about mental imagery systems - are images stored as pictures or propositional information? Their model won first place at the southeastern conference of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). 

"Bioremediation: Use of White-Rot Fungi to Remove Pharmaceutical Compounds from Waste Water" (Summer 2009)

Walter Turner (Chemistry, '12), Dr. Denise Gregory, and Dr. Lisa Nagy investigated the use of mushrooms to degrade pharmaceutical remnants found in wastewater. They proposed that the fungal enzymes that can degrade the phenol and ether linkages in lignin (a polymer found in wood) should also be able to degrade pharmaceuticals with similar ether and phenol linkages. The purpose of the study was to examine alternative treatments to detoxify waste streams.

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