Samford University

Payroll Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Who must file an Alabama individual income tax return? Follow the link to the ADOR website.
  • Who must file a Federal income tax return?
    Follow the link below to the IRS web site to determine if you must file a Federal income tax return.,,id=96623,00.html
  • How do I increase or decrease the amount that is currently being withheld for federal and/or state tax withholding?
    To change your Federal Withholding complete a Form W4 (Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate) indicating filing status and the number of allowances you wish to claim. To change your state withholding, complete the Form A4 (State of Alabama Withholding Certificate). You can obtain these forms from the Payroll Offices or from the Human Resource website at forms. Submit the completed forms to the Payroll Office in Room 305 of Samford Hall by the 10th of the month for Monthly employees and by the time sheet due date for bi-weekly employees. Tax Information for Employees from  
  • Can I have my net pay split between multiple bank accounts?
    You can have your net pay split between more than one checking or savings account. You simply complete a Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit form and attach a voided check for each bank account. Submit the form to the Payroll Office. You can obtain the Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit form from the Payroll Office or from the Human Resources website forms page.
  • I'm leaving town before the next payday. Will I be able to get paid early?
    It is the University's policy not to release payroll earlier than the established pay date. Since all employees are on Direct Deposit, your pay will be in your designated accounts on the scheduled pay date.
  • I have recently moved. How do I submit the change for my new address?
    An address may be changed by emailing the Human Resources Assistant from your Samford e-mail address with the old and new address information.
    Note: Be sure to update your address with your current benefit plan carriers. For example Fidelity, Valic, TIAA-CREF, Guidestone, Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
    Note: Changing one of your addresses in Human Resources does not automatically change all addresses. If you are a Samford student or Alumni, please change your address with these departments as well.
  • I have not received my Form W2 in the mail. How do I get a copy?
    Follow the instructions to print a copy of your W-2 through the Samford portal .  Or complete a W2 Request form and submit it to the Payroll Office in Samford Hall, Room 305 or you can fax it to that office at (205) 726-2096. If the original W2 was returned to the University it will be re-mailed to the address that you indicate on your signed "W2 Request Form". If the original was not returned in the mail a duplicate copy will be mailed to the address indicated on your signed request form. These replacement W2s can also be faxed or picked up in the Payroll Office according to the options selected on the request form. Please allow 10 days for processing of replacement W2s.
  • I'm a new employee, when will I receive my first paycheck?
    a) For bi-weekly payroll employees the pay dates are on Friday following the close of the payroll period. You can access the bi-weekly payroll schedule that reflects the pay periods and their associated pay dates via the HR Website.
    b) For monthly payroll employees the pay dates are on the last business day of the calendar month. You can access the monthly payroll schedule that reflects the pay periods via the HR Website.
  • I have closed the bank account where my payroll direct deposit was being made. How do I ensure that I receive my next pay on time?
    You should notify the Payroll Office immediately by submitting a Direct Deposit Authorization form. This form must be submitted to the Payroll Office the Friday prior to the pay date for bi-weekly paid employees or by the 10th of the month for monthly paid employees. These dates may be earlier during months with scheduled holidays. A campus wide e-mail will be sent if due dates are changed.
    If your request is not received by Payroll Services in time to process the change for the next pay date, your bank will send a notification to payroll within 3 to 5 business days if the funds submitted to the closed account have been returned to the University. Once payroll receives notification from the bank, these funds will be available to be sent to your new account.
    Note: It is recommended that you change your direct deposit information to reflect your new account prior to closing your old account.
  • I've started work but I haven't gotten a time sheet yet, what should I do?
    The first thing an employee should do in this situation is to check with his/her supervisor who should confirm the Employment Form has been completed and has begun the proper approval route to the Payroll office. We are unable to issue time sheets to employees for whom we have not received an Employment Form. The employee should contact Human Resources to ensure that all required forms have been completed (ie. Direct Deposit Enrollment, Security Agreement, etc). For employees for whom an Employment Form did not reach Payroll in time for time sheet production, a handwritten time sheet can be issued upon the request of the supervisor if all other required forms have been completed by the new employee.
  • Why have I not gotten paid?
    If the employee is biweekly and has not turned in a time sheet, they will not be paid until his/her time sheet has been received. Employees should check with their departments first and make sure their time sheets have been turned in to Payroll by the deadline.
    If the employee is a monthly employee, his/her Letter of Agreement or Supplemental Pay Request form may have either been turned in to the payroll office late or filled-out incorrectly. Employees should check with their department to see if their paperwork has been turned in on time or processed correctly.
    Once the issue has been resolved, and the paperwork received, the employee will be paid on the next payroll.
  • My check is direct deposited into my checking account but I'm not getting an earning statement, how do I know the amount of my check?
    All earnings statements are sent via email to your Samford University email account. Due to the security in place it is not possible to have this sent to a different email address.  These can also be accessed via the Samford Portal.  Click on the Banner tab.  Choose Employee, Pay Information, then Pay Stub.
  • How does my leave accrue?
    Leave accrues based on the length of employment with Samford University and job classification. Please refer to either the Samford University Staff Handbook or Faculty Handbook for specifics.
  • What do the deduction codes on my paycheck represent?
    Please click here for a listing of all payroll deduction codes.