The Case for Character

Case for Character

About The Case for Character: Looking at Character from a Biblical Perspective, by Drayton Nabers, Jr.:

"Character counts" is an understatement. Character is crucially important for an abundant life. It is essential that we deepen our understanding of this fundamental truth and to discover how we grow strong in character.

Our happiness depends on character. So does the peace of our souls. Our success in family and business depends upon our character. The strength of our nation's government and its economy rests on good character. In fact, character is the single most important building block for quality of life in any individual, company, team or nation.

We need to "recenter" the character ethic in American life. The Case for Character is an effort to help the reader understand what "recentering" character means, in biblical terms. God's grace and our efforts to develop godly character are not in opposition but instead work together. Grace works through character, which we, in grace have a responsibility to develop. Buy from Amazon.

"My friend Drayton Nabers is one of the most mature laymen I know. He has written this book from experience and from depth of research. I have always admired and appreciated Drayton and his work. He practices the character and virtues he writes about." - Chuck Colson, Founder, Prison Fellowship

"The Case for Character is a mother lode of wise, practical, well-illustrated, Biblical principles which if followed, would profoundly impact our generation." - Pastor Chris Hodges, Church of the Highlands, Birmingham

"Drayton Nabers' The Case for Character restores an often misused and misunderstood term to its rightful place in Christian ethics." - Rev. Richmond Webster, Saint Luke's Episcopal Church, Birmingham

Featured Review

"The Case For Character is a masterpiece - a treasury of practical wisdom! Drayton Nabers has provided a powerful, instructive and provocative work which effectively addresses a massive need in our culture. We live in a world of characters who lack character. Nabers has effectively crafted a balanced look at character's definition, development and practical implementation into all regions of daily life.

Nabers provides a compelling call for character that rings true because of the authenticity of the Nabers' walk with Christ. Drayton is a brilliant scholar yet practical follower of Jesus Christ. His private world and public service have been fashioned and fueled by his deep and personal relationship with God. His faith in Christ is the centerpiece of His worldview and the compelling motivation for his attitudes and actions.

Drayton's keen insights in The Case For Character are inspirational and applicable. His clear call makes complete sense - 'Our purpose is to glorify God which demands that we develop strong character in God's grace - having virtues engraved on us - so that we can become trees that bear sweet fruit for God's glory.'

This is also a practical book, well-designed for teaching and small group study. Though there is a logical progression from beginning to end, each chapter is essentially self-contained. And each chapter is full of fresh insight into basic issues of Christian character. Remarkably, the book will speak to disciples across a broad spectrum of maturity from those who are taking their first steps to those who are advanced. The book is likewise cross-denominational. All serious believers will be fed by the themes developed by Nabers.

America's corporate landscape is littered with the financial wreckage of giant companies that were toppled due to a lack of the indispensable ingredient of character. The Case For Character is a timely and timeless treasure. Absorbing and applying Nabers' call for character will not only prevent catastrophic personal and corporate losses, but it will add exhilarating joy and fulfillment to your journey.

Jesus said, 'You will know them by their fruits.' The fruits of Drayton Nabers' pen, personal character and public service provide an inspiring and instructive model. I highly recommend learning and living the invaluable lessons of The Case For Character."

Dr. Jay Wolf, First Baptist Church, Montgomery

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