Courageous Conversations

The Mann Center convenes an ongoing, occasional series of campus forums called Courageous Conversations, co-sponsored by University Ministries and other campus entities. The programs allow students to practice moral discourse and think critically about difficult issues. They are primarily student led, and provide opportunities for facilitators and audience members alike to join the conversation.

Student facilitators lead a conversation with their peers Students in the audience respond to questions by raising colored cards

Know More, No More

A conversation on stopping interpersonal violence against women. Learn more.

Culture Shock Samford: the Life of a Chinese Student in the South

A conversation about how Samford's American and Chinese students can build stronger relationships and learn from each other. See photos.

When Winning is Losing: How Not to Get Ahead at Samford (2012 & 2013)

An annual conversation with freshmen on the high value placed on academic honesty at Samford. See photos.

Invasion or Opportunity?

A conversation on the Christian response to recent immigration-focused legislation in Alabama. See photos.

Can We Talk About It?

A conversation on whether diverse viewpoints are welcome on Samford's campus. See photos.

Cheating at Samford

A conversation about the results of the 2011 Samford Survey on Academic Integrity. See photos.

Freedom of Expression in Cyberspace

Attended by more than 150 students, the program focused on the risks and responsibilities of posting information and images online. The program was conducted in collaboration with the University Library, Cumberland School of Law, and the Howard College's Department of Journalism and Mass Communications.

Sex at Samford

The School of Nursing and University Ministries worked with the Center to conduct a three-part series of programs on issues related to sex and sexual conduct (e.g., pornography, date rape, health risks, etc.). The content of these programs was based on surveys of Samford students. Attendance at each session exceeded 400.

Focus on Ability

The Center partnered with Samford Counseling Services and Disability Support Services to conduct a series of roundtable discussions with 35 student leaders to explore how Samford may become a more inclusive and welcoming community for people with physical and mental disabilities.



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