Hodges Lectures

Carwardine Reception

The Mann Center sponsors the annual Andrew Gerow Hodges Lecture in Ethics and Leadership, which provides a forum for the Samford community to hear nationally and internationally known thought leaders from business, the professions and academia. These campus-wide programs address current ethical issues facing society, focusing especially on the role of leadership in meeting these challenges. Past programs include the following:

"Abraham Lincoln and the Challenge of Emancipation"

Dr. Richard Carwardine, noted Lincoln scholar and president of Corpus Christi College at the University of Oxford, UK, presented the Hodges Lecture to an audience of Samford undergraduates and community guests on February 19th, 2013. While at Samford, he also participated in a panel discussion, "'God's Institution' or Gross Injustice? Slavery and Religion Before the Civil War," with Samford faculty members Jason Wallace, John Mayfield, and Joe Scrivner. See photos and video.

"Does God Care How I Vote?"

Dr. Michael Lindsay, respected sociologist, author and current president of Gordon College presented the Hodges Lecture to an audience of Samford undergraduates on February 16th, 2012. While at Samford, he also spoke to a community audience on the topic, "Should Christians Seek Power?". See photos and video.

"Philosophy as a Spiritual Search"

Best-selling author and San Francisco State University professor Jacob Needleman presented a lecture on "Philosophy as a Spiritual Search" to an audience of Samford undergraduates. While at Samford, he also shared insights from his book, The American Soul: Rediscovering the Wisdom of the Founders, with a community audience. See photos and video.

"Financial Reform After the Wall Street Meltdown"

Bill Johnston, retired president of the New York Stock Exchange, spoke on Wall Street reform after the Lehman Brothers collapse.See video.

"How to Avoid Leadership Failure"

David Ratcliffe, Chairman and CEO of Southern Company, presented a lecture on leadership success to an audience of Samford undergraduates. See video.

"Women in Politics: From Suffrage to Shattering the Glass Ceiling"

Newsweek contributing editor Eleanor Clift presented a lecture on the role of women in politics to a community audience. See photos and video.

"Civility in a Fractured Society"

Jim Leach, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, spoke on the importance of civility in public life. The forum was co-sponsored by the Alabama Humanities Foundation and the Birmingham Area Consortium on Higher Education. See photos and video. 

"Becoming More Inclusive of People with Disabilities"

Carolyn Cartwright, Director of Corporate Diversity Initiatives at SunTrust Banks, spoke to an audience of Samford undergraduates. The program was co-sponsored by Samford's Office of Counseling and Disability Support Services. See photos and video.

"The Missing Girls of China and India: What Can Be Done?"

Valerie M. Hudson, Professor of Political Science at Brigham Young University, spoke at the 2010 symposium of the Center for Biotechnology, Law, and Ethics. The program was co-sponsored by the Mann Center. See photos.

"Currency or Character"

Wes Cantrell, retired CEO and Chairman of Lanier Worldwide, spoke to an audience of Samford undergraduates on "Currency or Character." See photos and video. 

"Where Do You Fit in the Diversity Picture?"

Jerome Miller, Vice President for Diversity and Social Responsibility at Toyota USA, addressed Samford undergraduates on diversity. See photos and video. 

"Women's Leadership: An Invitational Approach"

Dr. Betty Siegel, President Emeritus of Kennesaw State and Chair of Leadership, Ethics and Character, spoke on women's leadership. See video.

"Money Lending in the 21st Century: A Christian Ethical Perspective"

A presentation by Dr. Cameron Murchison, dean of faculty at Columbia Theological Seminary.

"Seven Revolutions: How Your World Will Change by 2025"

Erik Peterson, Senior Vice President and Scheyer Chair in Global Analysis at the Center for Strategic Studies, spoke on his ongoing work on the Seven Revolutions project. See photos. 



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