For the Common Good


For the Common Good showcases the insights, reflections and recommendations of some of today's most forward-thinking leaders, as they explore the challenges of leadership in the context of our global, 21st-century society. It features orginal essays by such luminaries as Nobel Prize winner John Hume; Leader-to-Leader Chair Frances Hesselbein; Harvard University's Howard Gardner; M.K. Gandhi Institute's Founder Arun Gandhi; poet David Whyte; and President Jimmy Carter. For the Common Good stresses the need for a new kind of leadership committed to promoting social welfare, justice, and opportunity. Buy from Amazon.

"Contributors from business, education, religion, and politics set out the ethical requirements of leadership in the 21st century the obligations of leaders to promote justice, fairness, trust, and the conditions necessary for people to promote communities that flourish. They focus on practical matters, leaving theory to others." - Reference and Research Book News  

"[A] very refreshing work." - Business Digest  

"A sobering and inspiring portrait of the wide-ranging and complex global leadership challenges that confront our institutions and the critical role that ethical leaders can play in effectively addressing them." - David Vogel, Solomon P. Lee Professor of Business Ethics, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley  

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"Knapp has compiled a stellar collection that brings together reflections on the ethics of leadership by 11 academic and societal heavyweights such as John Hume, Howard Gardner, and Arun Gandhi….Knapp divides the essays into three sections, in which contributors consider the new climate in which leadership must be practiced; explicate leadership challenges in a global context; and examine how higher education can foster a sense of responsibility for the common good among college students who will become the new generation of leaders in this complex, fast-paced society. Focusing on the practice of ethical leadership, each contributor makes the case with moral authority that ethical leadership is as much about the personhood of the leader as it is about understanding the context in which leadership is practiced. Overall, a valuable addition to the literature on leadership and business ethics. Recommended. Graduate students, faculty, and professionals.

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