Scholars in Ethical Leadership: Freshman Experience

When Winning is Losing(2)

Freshman Year: Keystone

Freshman Scholars will participate in a year-long learning community where they will be introduced to the fundamentals of leadership while learning about themselves, others and societal issues. They will focus internally, developing personal character and leadership competencies.

Learning Community (Fall) Each cohort will constitute a Freshman Learning Community focused on leadership for change in diverse institutional, professional, and societal contexts. Through coursework and experiential learning, new scholars will become conversant with the foundational concepts and principles of the program. Coursework in the fall will include UCCA 102, UCCP 101, and Foundations 101.

Learning Community (Spring) The learning community will continue through the first year, with the second semester introducing more opportunities to practice their competencies in applied contexts. Freshman Scholars will be mentored by senior Scholars and participate in their capstone service projects (beginning in the fourth year of the program). Coursework in the spring will include UCCP 102, Foundations 102, and the program’s keystone course, Introduction to Ethical Leadership.

Retreat (Fall) All new Scholars will participate in an overnight retreat designeed to build group cohesion and introduce students to the program.



Drayton Nabers, Jr.

Brooks Hall, 227A


C. Cameron Collins 
Program Manager
Brooks Hall, 227B

Mitzi Lafferty  
Administrative Assistant
Brooks Hall, 227
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