The Hidden Key to Happiness

Hidden Key Happiness

The Hidden Key to Happiness, by Drayton Nabers, Jr., shines biblical light on the obedience of faith so the reader can see it for what it is -- a thing of loveliness. The path of faithful obedience, though not the easiest, is always the most rewarding because it alone leads to the fullness of happiness. It is what we were made for. As the reader examines the obedience of faith, they will find that it is much more than external conduct that bears fruit for God's glory, though it is certainly that. But obedience is also an essential part of our spiritual well-being. We will find that it creates channels for the flow of grace allowing grace to enhance every facet of our inward spiritual being. Without the obedience of faith our spiritual life withers. With it our spiritual life flourishes and we partake of the abundance of life that Jesus came to give us. Buy from Amazon.

"So, what is the key to happiness? Pastor Trocme’s story and other great stories you’ll find in The Hidden Key to Happiness show clearly that true happiness is found only in living a life of obedience to God. Drayton Nabers makes this case powerfully with this book and with his life." - Chuck Colson, Founder, Prison Fellowship

"This book walks the line between Grace and Gospel and meticulously uses scripture, Old and New [Testament], to do it. [It] would be a good Trinity Sunday Book to read about the full aspect of the Father-Son-and Holy Spirit, co-equals, three in One: Seeing every page of the Bible through Easter eyes." - Joe Warren

"The Hidden Key to Happiness challenged me, encouraged me, and reminded me of how central obedience is to the Christian Faith...[It's] the best book I've ever read on obedience. I particularly enjoyed the real-life stories of "heros of the faith"--examples of people who have found true happiness. The book is balanced, well written, and Nabers argues his points with clarity and conviction. I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to live a meaningful, happy life." - reviewer,

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