Scholars in Ethical Leadership: Sophomore Experience

South Africa 2011(5)

Sophomore Year: Leadership Through Calling

During the sophomore year, Scholars will refine their understanding of leadership through calling, learning to lead change in organizations and within the contexts of their chosen professions. Much of their time will be spent in co-curricular initiatives, working as a cohort but also widening their influence on campus. Sophomore year highlights are described below.

Cadre (Fall and Spring) Scholars will meet weekly to reflect upon their service experiences and deepen their understandings of effective service-based leadership. Students will receive convocation credit for “faith-based service” (not to exceed 20 credits for the entire sophomore year).

Community Engagement (Fall and Spring) After an introduction to local organizations, each student will select an agency (from a list of approved organizations) where he/she would like to volunteer at least 30 hours each semester. Students will be strongly encouraged to volunteer in small groups, rather than volunteering alone.

Immerson Experience (Jan Term) All sophomore Scholars will be required to participate in a two-week “immersion” experience, living in a low-income community of Alabama (i.e. West Birmingham, Perry County, Sayre), serving with organizations addressing problems within these communities, and exploring the systemic dimensions of poverty.

Required Electives (Fall or Spring) Scholars may take one or both of their required electives during the sophomore year, choosing from an approved list of relevant courses.

Retreat (Fall) Sophomores and other Scholars will join freshmen for the second day of their 2-day retreat. The purpose of the retreat will be to reconnect, set goals and introduce a new cohort of Scholars.



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