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Samford in the News – Week of Feb. 25, 2013

Posted by Philip Poole on 2013-03-04

CHS Announcement Gains National Exposure

The Feb. 26 announcement of Samford's new College of Health Sciences has been picked up nationally by several hundred mainstream media outlets, business publications, professional and trade journals in education and health, and online news sources.


Titanic II Has 'Rare' Enthusiasm

Journalism and mass communication faculty member  Julie Hedgepeth Williams, author of A Rare Titanic Family, was quoted in a USA Today story picked up by several other media outlets, saying that her uncle Albert Caldwell who survived the Titanic sinking would be excited about the construction of Titanic II. "He would have found a new ship to be intriguing," Williams said. "He always wanted to the see the Titanic again."


Smith Named "Favorite Preacher"

In the March 2 "Faith in Memphis" panel discussion published by the Commercial Appeal, Carol Richardson named Beeson Divinity School faculty member Robert Smith as her favorite preacher. "He skillfully led me through the basics of preaching as a faltering, older female divinity student with his kind and encouraging words," Richardson wrote. "In the pulpit, he demonstrated before us all the prophetic role of a preacher with his deep, resonant voice and his ability to connect the Gospel story with our own."


Marshall Symposium Speaker Emphasizes Voting Rights Act

Tanya Hernandez, featured speaker for Cumberland School of Law's 2013 Thurgood Marshall Symposium, was featured in segments on Birmingham's ABC affiliate, talking about voting rights in Latin America and drawing some parallels with the U.S. "The view that racism does not exist in Latin America is still pervasive," Hernandez said. "Governments shouldn't be afraid to tackle race issues."


Law Professor Speaks to Shelby County Voting Lawsuit

Cumberland School of Law faculty member Wendy Greene was featured on a segment on Birmingham's ABC affiliate about arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court on a voting rights lawsuit out of Shelby County, Ala. "There are some conservative justices who may make it a 5-4 vote," Green said, "with Justice Kennedy being a swing vote."


Law Dean Also Speaks to Shelby County Voting Lawsuit

Cumberland School of law dean John Carroll was featured in several segments on Birmingham's NBC affiliate speaking to the Shelby County voting rights lawsuit argued before the U.S. Supreme Court. "If the [justices] side with Shelby County, you will still be able to sue if there is a voting rights violation," Carroll said.


Grayson Speaks on Effects of Sequestration

Political science faculty member Marissa Grayson was featured in a news segment on Birmingham's CBS affiliate talking about the impact of budget cuts as a result of the federal government's sequestration action."The cuts will not be immediate," Grayson said, "instead we will be somewhat of a domino effect."


Alumnus Commissions Sports Mural for Birmingham

Samford alumnus David Wininger, a Birmingham attorney, is featured in the March issue of Birmingham magazine, about a mural he has commissioned for a building he owns in downtown Birmingham. Reflecting on how he conceived the idea, Wininger says "maybe we should paint a mural because this wall (of the Wininger Law office building) was entirely plain, the wall that faces south. OK, well what do we put up here?"


Alumnus Appointed to Palau Supreme Court

Birmingham attorney Ashby Pate, a 2007 Cumberland School of Law graduate, has been appointed to the Supreme Court of the Pacific island nation of Palau. "I am unbelievably humbled, and cannot wait to serve," Pate said in a March 3 story published by al.com. "I think the country, the president and the court have placed a tremendous amount of trust in me, and, as I said in my letter accepting it, I will work hard every day to continue to earn that trust."


Sloan-Ragland's Convo Speech Featured

The Feb. 26 convocation speech by Samford alumnus Elizabeth Sloan-Ragland was covered by several Birmingham-area media outlets. Reflecting on her experience as the first African-American student to live on campus, Sloan-Ragland said she is proud of the progress Samford has made. "It's about reaching across the aisle and making a difference," she said. "We all have it in us."


A round-up of selected Samford University references in news outlets around the nation. It is compiled by the Office of Marketing and Communication from the university's media tracking service and may not be a comprehensive list.

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