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Samford in the News – April 16-26, 2014

Posted by Philip Poole on 2014-04-27

A round-up of selected Samford University references in news outlets around the nation. It is compiled by the Office of Marketing and Communication from the university's media tracking service and may not be a comprehensive list. 

Business School Partnership with Angel Network Featured

A new partnership between Brock School of Business and the Central Alabama Angel Network. In a story distributed widely by bizjournals.com, business faculty member Franz Lohrke said the long-term goal is to put together a fund that will allow the school's entrepreneurship and finance students to make investments in new companies. "We have had tremendous success with our student 'Bulldog Fund,' which invests in public companies, and we hope we can replicate this success soon with a 'Brock School Angel Fund."

Alumnus Gets National Attention with New Post

Brian Hendrix, a 1985 business graduate, has received national media attention for his new position with Synensis, a healthcare information technology company. "Brian will be a great asset in helping Synensis leverage adult learning principles and deliver learning opportunities across several methodologies and platforms. We have been growing so fast, it is critical that we have a knowledge management expert who can turn our intellectual property into products that are accessible and compelling to healthcare providers," says Synensis CEO Steve Powell.

Carroll Speaks to Hoover Schools Bus Fees Plan

In an interview aired several times by Birmingham's NBC affiliate, Cumberland School of Law dean John L. Carroll said courts may have to decide the legality of new bus-riding fees proposed by the Hoover (Ala.) City Schools. "The interpretation that Hoover is placing on the statute is reasonable, and the interpretation that the [Alabama state board of education] is placing on the statute is reasonable," Carroll said. "No court has ever looked at this issue, which I'm convinced will happen."

Seltzer's Generosity Gets Media Attention

An unexpected offer by men's basketball coach Bennie Seltzer was featured in a story aired several times by Birmingham's Fox affiliate. At an April 23 luncheon for Samford's African-American students and alumni, Seltzer surprised current student Jhamall Wright with a $1,000 gift certificate for the university's book store to help him purchase textbooks. Seltzer said he wanted to help a student because he remembered students in his college days who struggled to cover the cost of their textbooks.

Carden Speaks to Domed Stadium Question for Birmingham

In a guest opinion column distributed by bizjournals.com and a story aired by Birmingham's Fox affiliate, business faculty member and economist Art Carden said it was would not economically viable for Birmingham to build a domed stadium. "If a stadium or arena is a good investment, then the team owners who want it (or astute real estate investors) should build it themselves," Carden said. "Our peers - Nashville, Memphis, and Atlanta - have spent taxpayer money on stadiums and arenas. Our peers made mistakes, and it would be a mistake to follow them. The best available evidence suggests that government money spent on stadiums has been wasted, not invested."

Eason Speaks to Importance of Good Customer Service

Business faculty member Clifton Eason discussed the importance of good customer service in a story distributed on NFIB.com, the website of the National Federation of Independent Business.
When responding to an upset customer, Eason suggests, "Stay in public view for this conversation. This demonstrates your willingness to acknowledge and understand the situation without shying away from it, which can be a great testimony to other customers. That reputation will last longer than the original incident."

Based on the university’s media tracking services, Samford received 92 mentions in various media outlets during this period. Other stories that generated multiple local, regional and/or national attention included athletics, arts events and a previously reported campus appearance by NASCAR veteran Darrell Waltrip.


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