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Samford in the News – July 2014

Posted by Philip Poole on 2014-08-12

 A round-up of selected Samford University references in news outlets around the nation. It is compiled by the Office of Marketing and Communication from the university's media tracking service and may not be a comprehensive list. 

Hartzog Challenges Corporate Use of Facebook Information

In a story distributed by Wired, Cumberland School of Law faculty member Woodrow Hartzog and his coauthor called for tighter regulations on how companies use information gleaned from Facebook.This is a call to action. We should work together to demand that companies promise not to make us involuntary accomplices in corporate activities that compromise other people’s autonomy and trust,” the coauthors wrote.

Hartzog Testifies at Congressional Hearing

Law professor Woodrow Hartzog was quoted in a Washington Post story about his testimony before a Congressional oversight committee exploring the Federal Trade Commission’s authority on security breaches. "The FTC does not pull rules out of thin air," said Hartzog. "The FTC doesn't create the standard at all. Rather, it says, 'What is the industry doing? What are the industry standards for data security and best practices?'" The hearing was televised on C-SPAN, and the story was picked up by several media outlets.

Carroll Responds to U.S. Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby Ruling

Cumberland School of Law faculty member John Carroll was interviewed by the Birmingham Fox affiliate about the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby and other entities regarding health care provisions. Carroll said the decision did not strike down the Affordable Care Act but does extend religious freedom more than it has been. “The court was very careful to say that this [extended to] closely held corporations like businesses,” he said.

Alumnus’ NASCAR Career Featured on Hometown TV

The NASCAR career of 2008 graduate Andrew Childers was featured recently on the NBC affiliate that serves his hometown of Paducah, Ky., southern Illinois and southeastern Missouri. Childers, who played football at Samford, is part of the crew that serves NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson. “Andrew does a great job as the jack man for the 48 car,” Johnson says in an interview.

 Lohrke Responds to North Birmingham Revitalization Plan

Franz Lohrke, Brock School of Business faculty member, was quoted in an al.com story about plans for revitalizing North Birmingham neighborhoods. "Even with this attention, though, economic revitalization is a complex process," Lohrke said. “The new green spaces should help, but businesses are going to need a complete business "ecosystem" of transportation infrastructure, supportive government policies, and qualified, educated employees if economic revitalization is going to take hold." 

Pharmacy Grant Garners National Media Attention

A recent grant from Cardinal Health to McWhorter School of Pharmacy and other institutions generated significant national media attention for Samford. The nine schools were chosen based on their commitment to advancing the independent pharmacy profession. "We know community pharmacists play a critical role in improving the cost-effectiveness of healthcare, and in helping patients better manage their overall health," said Cardinal Health’s Mike Kaufmann. "We're proud to support tomorrow's community pharmacy leaders through this scholarship program, and we're inspired by the impact we know they'll have on their patients and communities, when they become pharmacy owners." 

Law Alumnus Honored for Community Service

Mike Royster, 1975 Cumberland School of Law graduate, recently was honored as the Citizen Lawyer of the Year by the North Carolina Bar Association. “I feel the good Lord blessed me with certain talents, and that it was my duty as a lawyer to help my fellow citizens in the community,” Royster said. “When a 15-year-old high school student looks you in the eye with tears streaming down her face and tells you, ‘You have changed my life,’ it makes it all worthwhile.” 

Thornton Speaks to Globalization of Birmingham Economy

Business faculty member Jeremy Thornton was quoted extensively in a recent Birmingham Business Journal story about the influx of foreign companies into Birmingham’s economy. “When a company overseas buys a company here, it may make a lot of changes to its subsidiaries or they may operate independently,” Thornton said. “One thing I teach my students is that these days, economics is so globalized that you don’t really know who owns who at a specific time, which is exciting.” 

Chandler Addresses Need for Educated Child Care Providers

 In a story aired by Birmingham’s ABC affiliate, human development faculty member Kristie Chandler addressed issues related to the educational background of early child care providers. “At centers that are providing good child care but want to increase the quality of their child care, they are going to start hiring people who have a bachelor’s degree, maybe an associate’s degree, but someone who is trained in that area,” she said. During the interview, Chandler was able to tout Samford’s degree problems and career preparation. 

Hale Continues to Generate Media Attention for Samford

Actor Tony Hale, a 1992 Samford graduate, continues to draw attention to his alma mater through print and broadcast interviews. He recently was nominated for an Emmy Award for his role on the television series, “Veep.” In a story distributed by al.com that mentions his Samford ties, Hale said, "I'm actually in Alabama visiting family. It was really fun, because I'm surrounded by family and they all got excited for me. I have an Emmy nomination, and I'm surrounded by fried food. So that's a good day.” An interview with Hale also was broadcast by NPR. 

‘Pathway to Graduation’ Featured on Fox

Pathway to Graduation, a summer reading collaboration between Samford’s Orlean Bullard Beeson School of Education and the Birmingham City Schools, was featured in a story aired by Birmingham’s Fox affiliate. The program pairs Samford students with middle schoolers to improve reading schools. Samford student Adam Oliver said, “It’s been good for me, not having classroom experience, to be able to work directly with students. You don’t get a lot of training in reading, but it is a huge need.” 

Biggio Addresses Unrest in the Middle East

In an extended story aired on Birmingham’s Fox affiliate, Associate Provost Nancy Biggio, used her background to address the unrest between Israel and Palestine. “What you’ve got is both sides taking advantage of the break in cease fire,” Biggio said. “The cease fires are temporary and are unlikely to lead to permanent peace.” 

Latin Summer Experience Gets Local Media Attention

The Latin Summer Camp hosted by Samford was featured in a story aired on the Birmingham CBS affiliate. “Latin is one of the best things someone can learn,” said coordinator Drew Lasater. “It can help them move forward and do well in all kinds of fields. It brings together all types of learning that are good for students not just in school but in life in general.” 

Denning Speaks to Proposed Constitutional Amendment

In an op-ed distributed by The Patriot Post  and picked up by other media, Cumberland School of Law professor Brannon Denning was quoted about judicial review as an alternative to constitutional amendments. “For the most part, we the people have generally regarded that as legitimate, even as we disagree about specific decisions,” Denning said. 

First-time Home Buyers Should Use Caution, Carden Says

In a story distrusted by CNBC and picked up by several other media outlets, business faculty member Art Carden was one of several economists cautioning first-time home buyers.Many first-time homebuyers invest their life savings into a home, hoping to turn a healthy profit when they sell five, six or seven years down the road. "I think a lot of people got burned doing that in the 2000s," Carden said. "And while to a certain degree it's really nice to get home equity for money you'd be paying for rent, it's a large asset that's not very liquid."

Peyton Manning Draws Attention to Samford

NFL quarterback Peyton Manning brought national media attention to Samford in a recent profile distributed by the New York Daily News. The story focused on the Manning family’s annual summer football camp and said the family got the idea from a summer camp Peyton attended at Samford in the early 1990s. According to the story, “The format was, in part, cribbed from the Bowden family. Peyton attended that camp while in high school, throwing at Samford University in Birmingham, Ala., when Terry Bowden was coach there.”

Math Alumnus Brings Attention to Samford with New Position

Les McPhearson, a 1987 mathematics graduate, was featured in news stories picked up internationally because of his new position as CEO of United Benefits Advisors. The story mentions his Samford connection. "I am humbled and honored to be joining UBA at a time when the role of the benefit advisor plays such an important and critical part in helping employers navigate PPACA and leveraging benefits as a strategy to success," said McPhearson.

Hoppe Gets Rave Reviews for Theater Role

Reprising a role she had played previously, 2013 music theatre alumna Emily Hoppe, got strong reviews for her performance as Tracy Turnblad in Tuscaloosa Theatre’s summer production of “Hairspray.” “She’s practically perfect in every bit of this, a terrific singer, charming stage presence and nimble, ecstatically fun dancer. The role … fits Hoppe like a bespoke suit. Hoppe wins again and again,” said the reviewer.

Student Project Turns Into Business Opportunity

In a feature distributed by al.com, 2013 alumna Meredith Hicks and current student Madison Janssen discussed their entrepreneurial endeavor-turned company The Wishing Truck. They take help individuals and companies in Birmingham with their orders from furniture giant IKEA’s Atlanta store. “I started this business as a class project . . .  last year. Samford [gave] us $100 to start a business, and this is what I came up with. Meredith teamed up with me and here we are!" Janssen said.

Nick Williams Hopes to Land Permanent Spot with NFL’s Steelers

Former student-athlete Nick Williams was featured in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story about the NFL Steelers preseason camp. Williams was drafted last year by the Steelers but missed most of the season because of an injury that required surgery. “It was a tough year, but there are pros and cons to it,” Williams said. “The pro was I got to get in the film room and learn the defense better. But our defense comes with repetitions, and that was kind of the con — missing the reps.” The story mentions his Samford connection.
Nelson’s Research on Texting and Driving Referenced in Story

Research by retired law faculty member Leonard (Jack) Nelson was referenced in a story distributed by the Virginian-Pilot. Nelson worked with researchers at the University of Alabama on the study of results of texting and driving legislation. According to the story, the research supports the idea that the stricter the ban on texting, the more effective it is.

Lemmond Named Head Coach at UAH

Andrea Lemmond, a 2006 graduate and former associate head coach for Samford women’s basketball, recently was named the head coach at the University of Alabama-Huntsville. The story of her hiring was covered by several media outlets across the region. "We are extremely excited to have Andrea Lemmond join the UAH family as head women's basketball coach," said UAH Director of Athletics E. J. Brophy. "Her history of recruiting outstanding students who are also outstanding basketball players will be invaluable as we move into this new era of Lady Charger basketball."

New Education Concentration Highlighted by ABC Affiliate

A new concentration on Christian education and missions in Samford’s School of Education was featured recently in a story aired by Birmingham’s ABC affiliate. Education faulty member Amy Hoagland said, “We’re hoping to give our students more tools should they decide to teach in a setting that doesn’t have resources or a setting that we might consider to be a mission setting. So many of our students are coming to us . . . and they see a global type of classroom.”

Dorsett and Book Featured in C-SPAN Telecast

Beeson Divinity School faculty member Lyle Dorsett was featured on a 60-minute C-Span broadcast commemorating D-Day. He spoke about the role of chaplains during World War II, particularly in combat, based on a book he had written.


Based on the university’s media tracking services, Samford received 468 mentions in various media outlets during this period. Other stories that generated multiple local, regional and/or national attention for Samford included athletics, a pharmacy school corporate grant, Alabama Governor’s School, Alabama Distinguished Young Women competition, deans’ lists hometown stories, and spring graduates hometown stories.


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