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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions  

What time will my mail go out?  We have one pick up by the USPS daily, Monday through Friday, at 4:00 pm.

Can you give me a ZIPcode?  You can look up Zip codes on the website by clicking on the link on the post office web page.

Can you help me with a bulk mailing?  You can find a lot of information on the Helpful Links/Bulk mail site.  You can also call (4091) or email Chris Roper for more information.

Why is the Post Office closed on some holidays when the University is open? We have to close the window on all federal holidays observed by the USPS.  We are actually here behind the closed doors sorting and delivering your mail.  We receive and we have a pick-up in the afternoon even on holidays.

What is the latest time I can get something to you to go out today?  3:45 would be a good time to have any mail to us to be processed the same day. We need time to process anything that you bring to us. Our mail goes out at 4:00. We cannot ask the driver to wait.  They are on a schedule. 

How should I address campus mail going to faculty and staff?  Mail should contain the persons first and last name and their department. It should be printed legibly.

How should I prepare campus mail going to students?  The students first and last name with their box number should be printed legibly on the envelope. A return address is also required. If you have more than 10 pieces they should be in box number order.

Can you take a credit card or purchasing card to pay for stamps?  No, we can only take cash, but we do take checks from faculty and staff.

What rate of postage should I send my package?  The USPS has a wonderful website that is easy to use when you have any questions concerning outgoing mail and packages. We are glad to advise you on any questions you may have also.

How should I prepare my outgoing metered mail?  Bundle and rubber band all like pieces together and be sure to include your Index Code on the top piece in a bundle. Be sure and use the official return address on all metered mail.  We can seal only #10  envelopes if you leave the flaps turned up. If you mail International mail be sure to keep it separate from domestic mail and mark it “AIR MAIL”.




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