Samford University

Recipient Requirements

  1. GPA requirement

    Failure to maintain a 3.0 GPA in any semester at Samford will result in revocation of the scholarship for at least one semester. A second failure will result in permanent revocation of the scholarship.
  2. Religion major/minor requirements

    Students must commit to and complete (1) a Religion major or (2) a Religion minor or its equivalent.  Two religion classes must be completed by the end of the sophomore year.
  3. Premin Internship

    Students must participate in four semesters of Premin internships. These internships involve regular hours of service in a local church or church-related not-for-profit or mission organization, or through the Samford Sunday preaching program. Students are placed in ministry settings that are customized to expose them to their areas of interest. 
  4. Preministerial Cadres

    Students must participate in at least two semesters of Preministerial Cadres. Cadres supplement classroom and field experiences by providing communal, vocational and spiritual growth through scheduled gatherings. Students share ministry experiences, and specialists address critical issues of church related ministry. Cadres meet weekly on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 10 a.m. Students receive convocation credit for attending Preministerial Cadre meetings. All freshman Premins are required to attend the fall Preministerial Cadre in their first semester.
  5. Facilitate Preministerial Scholars Day

    Premin students will assist the Preministerial Scholars Committee in facilitating Preministerial Scholars Day for future members of the program.
Failure to follow through on any of these requirements in timely fashion may result in reduction or revocation of the scholarship. Issuance of a values violation can result in reduction or revocation of the scholarship.