Samford University


Preparing Mail for Processing

Contact the Samford post office five business days before you intend to deliver your bulk mail pieces to the post office for processing. The post office will work with you at this time to determine the best options for each mailing.

Bulk mail requires a completed bulk mail work order form prior to processing.

Pieces must be tabbed, stuffed and sealed prior to processing

Nonautomated pieces must have printed addresses in ascending ZIP code order

Automated pieces must have an electronic data file (Excel) provided by the client

Quantities and Processing Time

The Samford Post Office can process most jobs within 3–5 business days. Limited staff and equipment require additional time to handle simultaneous orders.

USPS minimum 200 pieces

Samford Post Office maximum (no maximum for USPS)

  • 20,000 postcards (processed within three business days)
  • 20,000 letters (processed within five business days)
  • 10,000 flats (processed within five business days)

Types of Paper Stock and Processing Time

Samford Post Office can process pieces printed on uncoated paper stock or coated paper stock. Please note that processing time is slower on coated paper because it must be run through the machinery at a slower rate.


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