Policies and Procedures

Participant Expectations

While on Leave:

  • Day one of a Sabbath leave must be on campus for an orientation session.
  • Temporary Samford identification cards are only valid for the time you are on campus.
  • A temporary email account and/or wireless access is available upon request.
  • Sabbath Leave time may not be used to take courses for credit, although participants are encouraged to sit in on courses they find helpful.
  • Participants must engage in an individual Sabbath leave project of their choosing and design.
  • Participants may be asked to discuss their experiences on film for a promotional/educational video. While this is encouraged, it is optional.
  • Sabbath leave expenses will be reimbursed only if itemized receipts (or written records of mileage, reimbursed at $0.565 per mile) are submitted to the RCPE office. (Note: Samford University will not reimburse expenses for alcoholic beverages Reimbursement for meals is limited to $30 per meal and $40 per day.).

Before Departing from Campus at End of Leave:  

  • Participate in a one-on-one interview with the Resource Center Director.
  • Complete a brief exit survey.
  • Return your temporary campus identification card to the Resource Center office.

SLP Liaison Expectations

  • Successful applicants will be asked to appoint a Sabbath Leave Liaison as a contact point between the pastoral leader on leave, the Resource Center, and the church.
  • Sabbath Leave Liaisons will be responsible for facilitating appropriate congregational support of the pastor's Sabbath leave.
  • Following the minister's Sabbath Leave,the minister's Sabbath leave  Liaison will be contacted by the Center director to discuss and may be asked to participate in an evaluative focus group with other liaisons a few months after a minister's Sabbath leave ends.