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Room Personalization Guidelines

The following items provide a guide by which to decorate residence hall rooms. The Residence Life Department asks that you remain within these guidelines. If you have questions when you arrive, please address them to the RA (Resident Assistant) and/or RM (Residence Manager) in your building.

1. Hanging a curtain rod by nailing into the window frame on either side of the window is allowed. Spring rods/Tension rods may also be used.

2. Two nail holes per wall are permitted as long as there is no damage to the wall. Any other anchoring device is prohibited. Residents should use only white Plasti-Tak which may be purchased in the bookstore (many times they only have blue or yellow) to put up posters in the rooms.

3. Students may not border, paint or use contact paper in their room. Drawer liner that does not have any type of adhesive may be used.

4. Installation of carpet should not include the use of two-sided tape, carpet tape, or any substance that would damage the flooring in the rooms. If carpet is used, it must be removed at the end of the year.

5. Furniture in the rooms must remain in the rooms. Furniture may not be removed from a residence hall room. Residents are responsible for their furniture and removing it will result in a fine or replacement cost.

6. Dry erase boards or small bulletin boards may be put up on the wall outside of the room, but not on the door. These must be put up using only one nail. No type of adhesive may be used. Boards that are already adhered to the wall should be used if possible, or the new board should cover the spot from which the old board was removed.

7. Bed Bunking - You may bunk and un-bunk the beds yourself (in Vail, Smith and Evergreen). An instructional video presentation will be playing continuously in Smith and Vail lobbies from 8am - 2pm on the day of move in. After watching the entire video you may sign a waiver form and bunk the beds yourself. Tools you will need to bring to bunk the beds are: a 7/32 allen wrench and a crescent wrench. You must un-bunk the beds before checking out or you will be charged.

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