Center for Science and Religion

The mission of the center is to promote rational inquiry and to further understanding of key issues at the interface of science and religion through educational and research activities. The center is committed to the ideas that science and religion are not inherently incompatible, and that insight into key science and religion issues has a rich history. The center’s mission, however, is oriented around the belief there is much to learn and much work to be done in exploring new avenues of understanding and communicating current views to others. Outside its commitment to general Christian principles and an ongoing search for truth, the center does not exist to promote any particular scientific theory or point of view.


  • Stimulate critical thinking and promote dialogue on key issues central to science and religion.
  • Create and support interdisciplinary research and publication.
  • Sponsor workshops, seminars, lectures, and other educational events both on and off-campus.
  • Establish a mechanism for strengthening Christian faith and scientific understanding.
  • Supervise an undergraduate major in science and religion and recruit high-caliber students.
  • Seek grants and other funding to support Center objectives.

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Latest News

Photo Darwin.JPG

Acclaimed Play to Explore Life of Darwin Oct. 28

The professional production, written by Murray Watts and acted by Andrew Harrison, premiered at Westminster Abbey and has been performed at the Edinburgh Festival, King’s Head Theatre in London, as well as at Oxford, Cambridge, St. Andrews, and many other universities, colleges, and theatres in the UK.  

Photo Justin Barrett

Psychology of Religion Expert Barrett to Speak Oct. 27

Justin Barrett, an experimental psychologist regarded as one of the founders of the cognitive science of religion field, will speak on the subject of “How Religion is Natural and Why Christians Should Care.” 

Photo A Little Book for New Scientists: Why and How to Study Science

In New Book, Samford Faculty Advise Christians in Science Professions

Steve Donaldson and Josh Reeves describe the essential role Christian scientists have in bridging the gap between science and Christian belief. 

Photo A strand of DNA rendered in stained glass

Samford University’s Center for Science and Religion Receives Grant to Support Innovative Collaboration

The STEAM project is a program for catalyzing the integration of Christian faith and science for emerging adults (18–30 years old) in college and postcollege ministries. 

Photo John Walton leads a workshop for clergy during his visit

A House is Not a Home: Science, Genesis Tell Different Stories, Walton Says

The lecture, funded by the John Templeton Foundation, offered a culturally and theologically deep consideration of the different aims of the Bible and science. 

Photo Old Testament Scholar John Walton

Old Testament Scholar John Walton to Speak at Samford April 4

Walton is professor of Old Testament
 at Wheaton College and Graduate School, and was professor of Old Testament at Moody Bible Institute for 20 years. 

Photo Astronomers Deborah Haarsma and John Ross

Haarsma, Ross Agree on Value of Christian Engagement With Science

Samford University’s Center for Science and Religion and the Issacher Fund hosted astronomers Deborah Haarsma and Hugh Ross for “a gracious dialogue on evolution” March 2–3.