About the Science and Religion Major

From past debates over cosmology and origins, to current concerns about stem cell research, consciousness, and the environment, to future apprehensions involving genetic engineering, robot intelligence and artificial life, humans are challenged to understand how (and even if) one’s religious heritage can be reconciled with the relentless and accelerating pace of scientific insight. At Samford University, we believe that such a challenge can be met, but not by constructing a convenient yet false dichotomy between science and religion nor by yielding to naïve views of either. Only by confronting head-on those issues at the interface of science and religion can one hope to develop a coherent response that preserves the dignity and relevance of each in light of the other. Only such an approach holds the promise for each to provide insight into the other. To this end, Samford offers a B.S. degree in Science and Religion.

Students pursuing this degree acquire a rigorous background that prepares them to understand the issues, fosters their creative thinking abilities, equips them to make a positive contribution to the science and religion dialogue, and offers an exciting route to a number of post-graduation opportunities.