Samford University

The Field School

300_DSC_0152At the Excavations at Shikhin, all volunteers are trained in archaeological excavation and recording methods. Consequently, upon graduating from the field school they have a discreet set of technical skills that will make them invaluable members of other archaeological expeditions. Of course, we hope that they return to Shikhin to become Area Supervisors, responsible for training their own crew of new archaeologists. The precise, meticulous work that we are known for would simply not get done without them.

Skills include laying out a 5 x 5 meter square and the 4 x 4 meter square that is excavated, taking elevations from a known datum, and drawing top plan and sections to a 1:25 scale. They will also gain some knowledge of pottery seriation. Additional training includes the use of GPS devices and surveying using a total station.