Books for Church Libraries


A portion of grant funds was used to purchase a selection of books on science and religion for church libraries. The books offered were chosen to be representative of a variety of science and religion topics including general perspectives, mind/brain, transhumanism, evolution, randomness and purpose, and interpretation. Titles included:   

Religion and Science (Ian Barbour)
The Big Questions in Science and Religion (Keith Ward)
The Language of God (Francis Collins)
Science and Religion: A Very Short Introduction (Thomas Dixon)
The Luminous Web (Barbara Taylor)
The Wonder of the Universe (Karl Giberson)
Modern Physics, Ancient Faith (Stephen Baar)
Life’s Solution (Simon Conway Morris)
Questions of Truth (John Polkinghorne and Nicholas Beal)
Saving Darwin (Karl Giberson)
The Bible Made Impossible (Christian Smith)
The Cambridge Companion to Science and Religion (Peter Harrison, ed.)
Galileo Goes to Jail (and Other Myths about Science and Religion) (Ronald Numbers, ed.)
Flatland (Edwin Abbott)
God, Chance or Purpose. Can God Have It Both Ways? (David Bartholomew)
Radical Evolution (Joel Garreau)
The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat (Oliver Sacks)   

Initial offers for the free books were made to those churches which had someone from their membership in attendance at the Science, Religion, and the Church Conference held in the fall of 2012. The offer was then extended to a number of other churches. Churches receiving books include:  

Redeemer Community Church (Birmingham, AL)
Baptist Church of the Covenant (Birmingham, AL)
First Baptist of Lanett (AL)
Auburn United Methodist (Auburn, AL)
First Baptist of Andalusia (AL)
Gardendale Church of the Nazarene (Birmingham, AL)
Marion United Methodist (Marion, AL)
Brookwood Baptist (Birmingham, AL)
Korean Presbyterian Church of Birmingham (AL)
First Baptist (Dalton, GA)
Hurricane Grove Baptist (New Market, AL)
Trinity Episcopal Church (Clanton, AL)
Independent Presbyterian Church (Birmingham, AL)
All Saints' Episcopal Church (Birmingham, AL)
Ardent Church (Birmingham, AL)
Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church (Tuscaloosa, AL)
First United Methodist Church (Alabaster, AL)
Calvary Baptist Church (Tupelo, MS)
Haven Field Community Church (Birmingham, AL)
First Baptist Church Madison (AL)