Samford University

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Grading System and Grade Appeals

Samford University uses the familiar grading system with some variations. Grades are indicated by letters “A” through “F,” “INC,” “FA,” “W” and “WF.” The university uses a plus and minus variation with the exception of “A+,” “F+” and “F-.” In addition, some courses may be taken for pass/fail credit, and these carry “P” or “F” grades. A statement of the meaning of each symbol is found in the University Catalog website. Grades represent faculty appraisal of the quality of work. Term grades are assigned by faculty members and can be changed only for just cause and with administrative approval.

Each grade is assigned a numerical value, and quality points are determined by multiplying the value assigned to the grade earned in the course by the credits. These values are as follows:

Students must earn a quality (or grade) point average of 2.0 (a “C” average) in the Samford cumulative average to graduate. Students are expected to maintain satisfactory progress toward graduation. Specific minimum levels of achievement have been assigned for each classification level of students. See the University Catalog website for the current requirements.

Grade Quality Points

A    4.00
A-   3.70
B+  3.30
B    3.00
B-   2.70
C+  2.30
C    2.00
C-   1.70
D+  1.30
D    1.00
D-   0.70
F     0.00
FA   0.00
INC 0.00
IP    0.00
Z     0.00
W    0.00
WF  0.00
P      0.00
AU  0.00
FX   0.00

Grade Appeals

An initial grade may be challenged before the last day of classes of the next full semester. This challenge should be presented to the University Registrar (located in Student Records) after conferring with the instructor, the instructor’s department head, and the academic dean of the school or college in which the course is taught. An “E” or an “INC” automatically becomes an “F” if not removed by the last day of classes in the next full semester after the grade was given. This grade of “F” may not be challenged.