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Payment and Registration

Tuition and Fees Payment Dateline for All Students 

E-bill notification that a new e-bill has been generated is sent to students via the Samford University e-mail system which remains the official means of communication with students; paper statements are not provided.  Students are advised to check their e-mail regularly. Students and authorized users can access the e-bill system at any time. 

Registered students will receive an e-bill prior to the payment due date. The e-bill reflects activity up to the date the e-bill was generated. Any activity transpiring after the e-bill generation date can be viewed on the Current Activity section of the online e-bill system.  Be sure to select the current term from the drop down box.      

Students who register after the e-bill generation date must consult the online system to view their account summary and arrange payment for all charges by the due date for the term regardless of whether or not the charge(s) have been billed. 

Payment for each semester is noted on the payment schedule at:  
Payment Schedule:
Parent link:  
Student link:  
Make payment - E-bill system link:
International students wire payment option:


A late fee of 5% (capped at $100) on the past due tuition, room, board and mandatory fees balance will be assessed on the day after the payment due date for all e-bills if payment is not received by the due date.  Students may not register for the next semester, receive grades or transcripts and are not allowed to participate in commencement or receive a diploma until the past due amount is cleared.  The University may charge interest on all amounts past due.  Past due accounts assigned to a collection agency may be reported to the credit bureaus and students may be charged for collection costs.  

In accordance with university policy, students should attend classes only if they are officially registered for the course(s) and all fees are paid.