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Public Safety and Emergency Management

General Policy

Samford University maintains an Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management [PSEM] as a proprietary function of the university with jurisdiction to enforce the rules and regulations of the university on university property, as well as the laws of the U.S. government and the state of Alabama. The Office of PSEM is staffed 24 hours a day to provide immediate availability for emergency response, security and traffic patrols, monitoring people on campus and other services relevant to the campus community. The Office of PSEM is located on the second floor of the University Center, room 202. Members of the department maintain a close working relationship with local, state and federal law enforcement authorities and other emergency service agencies on matters related to campus safety and security.

Any incidents involving suspected criminal activity or violations of university rules and regulations related to the safety and security of people or property should be reported to the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management. The department maintains records of incidents that have occurred on campus, and such statistical data is available in public safety’s annual report.

The ultimate responsibility for personal safety rests with each individual. Individuals should be aware of their surroundings and potential risks to personal safety; exercise caution and take reasonable actions to protect themselves; walk with friends in lighted areas at night; keep residence halls secure; lock room doors; do not prop open outer doors; know building evacuation procedures; know how to contact proper authorities; how to drive defensively; and report suspicious activities to the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management.

A safety escort service is available for all students during the day or night. Escorts are provided to any destination on campus. The escort service is provided for safety-related reasons only. Because there is safety in numbers, groups of three or more students are encouraged to walk to their destination. The escort is given by either foot or vehicular patrol. An escort may be requested by calling (205) 726-2020 or stopping by the PSEM office located in University Center 202.

Access to the campus is subject to control at all times. During regular business hours, vehicles may access the campus through the main entrance or the southwest gate. Except for special events, the front gate is closed at 10:00 p.m., and controlled access is established at the southwest entrance from 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. People entering or departing the campus are subject to security checks for valid identification, campus destination or other relevant information.

Academic and administrative buildings are open during regular business hours. After closing hours, buildings are patrolled on a regular basis to maintain security of property in the buildings, to prevent unauthorized entry and to assure proper operation of facility equipment. After-hours access to the buildings must be authorized by appropriate university officials. Routine patrols and periodic building inspections are performed to assure the security of facilities. When deficiencies are discovered, the appropriate department is notified as soon as possible.

Lost and Found

This service is located in the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management, University Center 202.

Important and Emergency Phone Numbers

Public Safety and Emergency Management (205) 726-2020
Homewood Police (205) 879-2101
Homewood Fire Department (205) 879-4701