Samford University

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Drop and Add Policy for All Students

Class Drops and Adds

Drops, adds and other changes in a student class schedule that do not involve complete withdrawal from school are subject to the following rules.

1. During drop/add, if a schedule change results in a reduction of the student’s total credits (less than full-time), tuition may be adjusted within 30 days.   Any reduction in a student’s course load may result in an adjustment in the student’s financial aid.

2. After the last day to drop course(s) without financial penalty, dropping will not result in a reduction of charges for tuition or fees.

3. There are no refunds of fees unless the course related to the fee is dropped within the drop/add period, or one withdraws as outlined below.

Charges will be adjusted according to these financial policies and the credits taken by the student.  Complete withdrawal from the University is covered under the refund and withdrawal policy.