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The purpose of Convocation is to nurture students in faith, learning, and values from a distinctly Christian perspective. Students are made aware of the Christian worldview and are encouraged to develop sympathy with the Christian mission in the world. Students are provided with opportunities to grow toward spiritual maturity. Convocation events help to cultivate the climate within which transcendent and teachable moments can occur in both formal and informal contexts at Samford.

Convocation offers nurture on an individual level, a corporate level, and a confessional level. First, Convocation provides activities that challenge persons to grow toward Christian maturity. Second, Convocation encourages persons to contribute to the Christian ethos of the University community. Third, Convocation is a formal means by which we-the University-can be who we say we are: a community committed to faith, learning, and values rooted in a Christian worldview.

Convocation programs allow students to satisfy the Convocation requirement for graduation. Incoming freshmen must complete 60 credits to graduate, 30 credits by the end of their sophomore year.  Transfer students have their Convocation requirement prorated based on the credits they transfer to Samford from another institution.  For more information about Convocation requirements, see here or visit the Office of Spiritual Life web site at