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Sanctions Associated with the Community Standards Council

  •  Reprimand: An oral or written warning may be issued by itself or as part of an overall decision. It specifies that more severe disciplinary action will occur should the student be involved in further disciplinary situations.
  • Counseling session: The student may be required to meet for a minimum number of hours with a member of the University Counseling staff, the Director of Residence Life, a Residence Life Educator and/or a Residence Manager.
  • Community service: A student may be required to complete a specified number of hours of community service instead of other sanctions. The type of community service must be approved by the community standards adviser.
  • Monetary fine: A monetary fine may be assessed to a student by the Community Standards Council. Monetary fines, in some cases, can be replaced by a specified number of hours of community service.
  • Restitution: Compensation for damage caused to university or personal property. This is not a fine, but rather a repayment for property destroyed or damaged.
  • Restriction of visitation privileges: This can be levied against an individual, a room or a suite. The details of the restriction should be specified, as well as how long it is in effect.
  • Reassignment to another residence hall: If, in the opinion of the Community Standards Council, a student might benefit from living in another residence hall, the student can be moved. However, staff members in the Office of Residence Life shall select the residence hall to which the student may be reassigned.
  • Referral to the Values Advocate: This sanction is usually recommended for repeat offenders or someone who displays behavior that might affect the safety of campus residents. Offenders who accumulate seven or more points on the CSC point system are automatically referred to the Values Advocate.