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Student Handbook: Students' Rights and Responsibilities

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Title IX Sexual Misconduct Policy: Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Reporting an incident of sexual misconduct is a difficult decision. It is important to understand that filing a report of sexual misconduct can be a beginning to the healing process. Reporting or pressing charges can prevent an offender from harming another person.

If a sexual assault occurs off campus, attempt to determine in which police jurisdiction the offense occurred and notify that department or call 911 for local police assistance. If the sexual assault occurs on campus, call 911 or (205) 726-2020 to contact the Public Safety department. Although an assault may occur off campus, the victim may report the incident to Public Safety, which will assist the victim with contacting the appropriate law enforcement agency.

In addition to reporting to a law enforcement agency, a victim of sexual misconduct is urged to report the incident to the appropriate Title IX Coordinator. An allegation of sexual misconduct can be filed, as needed, by any member of the Samford community. A member of the Samford community may file a complaint of sexual misconduct against a "Samford student" under this policy. For purposes of determining the University’s jurisdiction, a "Samford student" means any student who is registered or enrolled at the University (a) at the time of the alleged sexual misconduct (including sexual misconduct that is alleged to have occurred during any academic recess, provided that there is an expectation of such student's continued enrollment at the University), and (b) at the time that a formal complaint against such student is received by the Assistant Dean of Student Services. This policy applies to any allegation of sexual misconduct against a Samford student, regardless of where the alleged violation occurred. There is no geographical limitation to invoking this policy.

In cases involving potential criminal conduct, consistent with state and local law, the University will determine whether appropriate law enforcement or other authorities should be notified.