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Student Handbook: Students' Rights and Responsibilities

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Title IX Sexual Misconduct Policy: Policy Enforcement

Amnesty Statement - Samford’s goal is to encourage the reporting of incidents of sexual misconduct so those affected can receive the support and resources needed.  Therefore, values violations by a complainant may be exempt from disciplinary action in situations where the reported sexual misconduct or harassment also occurred, provided that such violations did not jeopardize the health or safety of others.

Disciplinary Actions for Students – Sexual misconduct is a violation of Samford University’s Code of Values. Investigation of such violations will be conducted by the Assistant Dean of Student Services, as Title IX Coordinator, and the Public Safety Department. Sanctions, for students found responsible for these type violations, range from probation to expulsion from the University. In some instances, while an incident of sexual misconduct or relationship violence is being investigated, the University may implement interim measures as discussed more fully below.  Hearing procedures governing student disciplinary cases are contained within this document and the Student Handbook.

Disciplinary Actions for Faculty and Staff – Violations of this policy are addressed according to applicable Human Resources policies indicated in the Human Resources policies manual. University employees proved to be responsible for violating the sexual assault and sexual harassment policy may face disciplinary action ranging from a warning to dismissal from the University.