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Student Handbook: Students' Rights and Responsibilities

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Title IX Sexual Misconduct Policy: Complainant Does Not Wish to Pursue a Formal Hearing or Requests Anonymity

Complainant Does not Wish to Pursue a Formal Hearing or Requests Anonymity

If the complainant does not wish to pursue a formal hearing and/or requests that his or her complaint remain anonymous, federal legislation nevertheless requires the University to investigate and take reasonable action in response to the complainant’s request.  The Assistant Dean for Student Services will inform the complainant the University’s ability to respond may be limited if the complainant is not a participant in the investigation.  In such cases, federal legislation requires the University to evaluate the complainant’s request that the complaint not be subject to a formal hearing or remain anonymous in the context of the University’s commitment to provide a reasonably safe and non-discriminatory environment for all students.  Even if the University cannot take disciplinary action against the accused student, because the complainant insists on anonymity or that the complaint not be subject to formal review, federal legislation nonetheless requires the University to take prompt and effective action to limit the effects of the alleged acts of sexual misconduct and relationship violence, and to prevent its recurrence.