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General Catalog Revision Notes

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Overview of the Catalog Revision Process: (This is based on the old process.  Do not consult this for the Summer 2014 process for the 2014-15 Catalog)

The revision process for the Samford University academic catalog takes place every spring. There are two rounds of edits (sometimes a third):

  1. The initial round requesting first edits.
  2. A second (final) round to review changes made as a result of first edits (and to catch new/late changes).
  3. A possible third, absolute final round to review changes made as a result of second edits. Turnaround time for responses will be quite fast (2-3 days).

ALL rounds of edits will be initiated via e-mail and electronic PDF files--available from this Web site. If you have need/prefer to work with your catalog copy in Word (text) or Excel (tables), let us know (contact Jane Leask).

Click here to view the PDF files currently available.

General Calendar Notes

  • The catalog revision process generally runs from late Jan/early Feb through early May.
  • Printing and publication of the final draft occurs in mid/late May.
  • PDFs of the new catalog should be available in time for the first Orientation session. Printed, bound copies of the catalog may or may not be ready by the first Orientation session. 
  • Items on the agenda in the May UCC meeting might not make the final draft of the catalog.
  • Items on the agenda in the April UCC Meeting should make the final draft. Please keep this in mind when submitting course/program proposals for approval.
  • Please try to submit such proposals for new or revised courses/programs at the earliest possible UCC meeting.
  • Please note that new programs also require BOT approval. Typically, the BOT meets only three times in a calendar year: late April/early May, September, and December. Additional meetings may be called, but are not guaranteed. Please keep this in mind when planning proposals for new programs.

UCC=University Curriculum Committee | BOT=Board of Trustees

For more info, see the detailed Catalog Revision Calendar

Special Note on Course/Program Changes:

Please note that because of the various processes involved, some curriculum changes (new program, etc.) intended for implementation in a given academic year should be submitted and approved by the UCC (and in some cases the BOT) by October of the prior academic year. For example, a change that's intended to be implemented in 2014-15 should ideally be approved by October 2013.  That allows sufficient time for the various departments (Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Records) to code for and setup the processes (in Banner, such as that for Class Schedule Creation & Registration, etc.). While some changes can/may be fast-tracked for approval, it's best to plan for such changes as far in advance as possible. Instant program changes are difficult to code in Banner and should be implemented at the beginning of an academic year. For more info, see the Catalog Revision Calendar.

Special Note on Course Description Revisions:

Beginning with the 2004-05 catalog, Samford University began implementing course description revisions. The reason why is two-fold: to achieve language consistency throughout the catalog and to streamline descriptions to make them more direct and succinct.

All sections have been revised since that project was started, but course descriptions for newly-approved courses, or significantly revised courses, will be reviewed and revised as needed to meet catalog guidelines. For more info, see Style Notes & Course Description Guidelines.

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