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Posted below is the Catalog Editor List--sorted by catalog section, section editor/individual, and administrative dean/department head.

All individuals listed have been placed on a group e-mail list and are responsible for reading and, when necessary, responding to notices regarding the catalog revision process. If someone from your department should be added to the group e-mail list--even if he/she is not directly responsible for catalog editing--please let us know. We don't want to leave anyone out who should be in the catalog information loop.

Please review the Catalog Editor List for catalog section assignment/responsibility and let us know about any additions, deletions, or revisions. Contact Jane Leask regarding any change to the list.

  • Names in green and highlighted in pale yellow are new to the list in some way.
  • Names in red or TBA are those about which I'm unsure or represent someone who recently left Samford or retired, but for whom I don't know of a¬†replacement.
  • Names in violet and highlighted in light pink are the result of revisions submitted by catalog editors in February 2013.
  • Names in italics are individuals (often department secretaries and administrative assistants, but not always) who are considered backup contacts/editors.

Catalog Editor List (as of February 11, 2013):

Catalog Editor List (Excel, sortable)

Sorted by Catalog Section/Department (PDF)

Sorted by Section Editor/Individual Name (PDF)

Sorted by Administrative Dean/Department Head (PDF)


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