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Student Records Forms - Basic Info


A number of forms are available to assist students as they register, revise their programs of study, apply for graduation, request transcripts, and more.  Please review the list of available forms--from the menu options on the left--for the one(s) you need.

When completing any form, be sure to read the instructions carefully.  Most forms can be mailed, faxed, or hand-delivered to the Student Records Office.  Some require additional, supporting paperwork such as copies of course descriptions. 

Remember to sign the form yourself and secure any required signatures from advisors, instructors, deans, etc., before returning the completed form to Student Records.  Failure to do so may delay response and/or implementation of your request.

Not all Student Records forms are accessible via the Web.  If the form you need is not listed under the menu options at left (or one of the links below), please come by the Student Records Office to pick up a copy and/or to speak with a member of the staff.  (See our contact info at left.) 


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