Samford University

Course Withdrawal Form


The Course Withdrawal Form is for students withdrawing from one or more (but not all) courses in the current semester/term.  Course Withdrawal Form in PDF (revised 4/24/15)

  • SIGNATURES REQUIRED: Student, Advisor, Instructor(s) of course(s) being dropped.
  • OTHER POSSIBLE SIGNATURES REQUIRED (see note below for explanation): Athletics Department Representative.

NOTE: If the student is an athlete, a representative from the Athletics Department must also sign the form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Student-Athletes who drop below full-time risk losing eligibility to compete, practice, or participate in any athletic-related activities. For ANY student, dropping below full-time status could impact financial aid, scholarships, and/or insurance coverage.  

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING THE DROP/ADD PROCESS: Students can add/drop courses via the Web through the last day to add or drop--without financial penalty--for that semester. After that deadline, they will be required to complete a Course Withdrawal Form and bring the completed and signed form to Student Records for processing. Pay close attention to deadlines as noted in the academic calendar--available in the print/PDF version of the catalog and as posted on the online Academic Calendar.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Withdrawing from a course prior to the deadline for withdrawing without Academic Penalty does NOT affect a student's GPA. A “W” will appear on the transcript for the class from which he/she withdrew.  Withdrawing from a course AFTER the deadline for withdrawing without Academic Penalty DOES affect a student's GPA. A “WF” will appear on the transcript for the class from which he/she withdrew. Please consult the Academic Calendar for the withdrawal deadline for the current semester/term. 

FYI: Students will not be able to withdraw completely from all courses via the Web. Students who wish to withdraw completely from the semester must complete a Withdrawal Request and mail, fax, or deliver in person the form to the Student Records Office. (Please see the instructions on withdrawing for more information. Some students are required to withdraw through their respective schools.)