Samford University

Withdrawal Request


The Withdrawal Request Form is for students withdrawing from the current semester/term or from a future semester/term for which they are preregistered. SEE IMPORTANT NOTE BELOW.

Form #1: Withdrawal Request in PDF for ALL students (except Law) (revised 9/13/13)

Form #2: Withdrawal Request in PDF for LAW students only  

NOTE ABOUT E-MAIL ATTACHMENTS: The ability to send this form as a PDF attachment to an e-mail may depend on the version of Adobe Reader you're using. In older versions, choosing this option will likely wipe out all data entered into the fields and the recipient will get a blank form. If you want to use that feature, please make sure you can save the form--along with all your typed data--before attempting to e-mail it. Upgrading to Adobe Reader XI should resolve this issue.

Important Note Regarding Withdrawals:

  • Undeclared or Arts & Sciences Undergraduates must obtain the signature of the Assistant Dean, Arts & Sciences. Print Form #1 above and take to the Dean’s Office, Brooks 127, (205) 726-2216.
  • All other Undergraduates must obtain the signature of their Program Advisor.
  • Student-athletes must obtain the signature of the Athletic Administrator, regardless of their classification (freshman, sophomore, etc.), and in addition to that of their Program Advisor (if different). Use Form #1.
  • All Undergraduate Evening Students (Evening College) and all Graduate/Professional Students (except Law) should use Form #1 above and obtain the signature of their Program Advisor. It's recommended, however, that Evening College and graduate students contact their respective college/school first when planning to withdraw.
  • Law students must go through the Cumberland School of Law to withdraw. Use Form #2.
  • Although registration and drop/add is available via the Samford Portal, students will not be able to withdraw completely from all courses via the Web. Students who wish to withdraw completely from the semester must complete the appropriate form above and mail, fax, or deliver it in person to the Student Records Office.