Samford University

Transient Enrollment (aka Letter of Good Standing Request) (Domestic or U.S. Institutions only)

This form is for students who plan to attend summer classes at another institution.

It is not to be used for study abroad students who plan to take a course at a foreign college/university. There is a separate Transient Enrollment/Letter of Good Standing Request for study abroad students. Click here for that form. 


 Follow these steps:

  1. First, determine if the course you intend to take has already been approved for transfer to Samford. Use the online list of already-approved courses found at
    • If the course has been approved, then:
      Complete the form and have your advisor sign it. There is no need to get a department chair's signature.
    • If the course is not on the list, then:
      Staple a readable and highlighted copy of the complete course description(s) from the catalog of the transient institution you wish to attend.
      Get your advisor's signature first. Seniors must also obtain dean's signature.
      Obtain signature of the Samford University department head representing each of the class(es) you intend to take elsewhere. This signature indicates that the course will be approved for transient credit.
  2. Return completed Transient Form to the Office of Student Records with all required signatures and the course catalog description (if required). It is your responsibility to obtain all necessary signatures.
  3.  Once the summer course is complete, it is your responsibility to request an official transcript from the transient institution.  The official transcript should be mailed to the Office of Student Records, Samford University, 800 Lakeshore Drive, Birmingham, AL  35229.

Important Information:

  1. If you wish to attend Birmingham-Southern, Miles College, Montevallo, or UAB during the summer term, you must attend as a transient student.
  2. University Core courses may not be taken as transient work.
  3. Both Samford and Overall GPAs must be at least 2.0 at the end of the current semester in order to have a Letter of Good Standing sent to another college or university.  All courses from transient schools are required to have a letter grade of “C-“ or better in order to be posted as earned credit on your transcript.  The grade will not affect your Samford GPA, nor can it be used to repeat a course taken at Samford.
  4. Upon completion of 96 credits, students may transfer no more than 8 semester credits or 2 courses to Samford.  To receive a degree, students must earn at least 50% of their total credits from Samford.
  5. If you decide to change institutions or to take a different course, you must submit a new transient enrollment form.
  6. For more detailed information regarding transient policies, please refer to the Catalog at  


 Transient Enrollment Form in PDF (updated 3/2/15)

For students participating in a Study Abroad program at a foreign university through an institution other than Samford: International Transient Enrollment Form in PDF
Special Instructions for Study Abroad students in PDF For students participating in a Study Abroad program at a foreign university through an institution other than Samford: in PDF for Study Abroad students