Samford University

Alabama Community College Course Equivalencies

Click on one of the links below to view an Excel or PDF file of Alabama Community College course equivalencies to Samford courses. Information displayed will be applicable to Samford's current academic catalog. NOTE: PDF and Excel files open in a new window. (Files updated 3/3/11)

The Excel file is sortable, using the drop down data filter arrows.

The PDF files are presented in three versions, sorted by:
  • Alabama Community College course number
  • Samford University course number (Day Program)
  • Samford University course number (Metro Program)

Please note that the course title is based on the standard established by the Alabama Community College Course System, and will not necessarily match the course title of the Samford equivalent course.

NOTE: Files have been updated to reflect new course numbers as presented in the 2009-10 catalog. In the catalog, old course numbers are noted in parentheses after the course description.