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Credit by Examination Policies & Tables

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Credit Limitations

The aggregate of credit earned in extension, portfolio (available through Evening College only), AP (Advanced Placement), and CLEP may not exceed 30 credits, and may not count toward residency requirements. At least 50% of the credit in a first degree must be earned at Samford. A minimum of 15 credits in the major field (with nine at the 300/400 level) must be taken at Samford. A minimum of nine credits in the minor field (with six at the 300/400 level) must be taken at Samford.

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Advanced Placement Credit

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CLEP Credit

College-level credit is awarded for scores of 50 or higher in most subject areas; however, students should consult with their advisors or the Office of Student Records before scheduling any CLEP examinations. With the sole exception of UCCA 101, CLEP credit is not acceptable for University Core Curriculum courses.

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International Baccalaureate

Samford University recognizes the quality of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program and welcomes application for admission from students who have taken coursework in the IB program. Credit is given for the IB Higher Level Examinations passed with grades of 5, 6, or 7. No credit is given for the IB Subsidiary Examinations. In cases of ambiguity, the Dean of Howard College of Arts & Sciences, in consultation with the Office of Student Records, will determine the credit to be awarded.

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Score Reports

Typically, students indicate score recipients at the time of the test. For those making arrangements to have test score reports sent after the fact, here are some helpful links:

  • Placement Tests: AP | CLEP
  • Entry-Level Tests for Undergraduates: ACT | SAT
  • Entry-Level Tests for Graduates: GRE | GMAT | MAT
  • Entry-Level Tests for Professionals: LSAT | MCAT | PCAT

Other Testing Organizations of Interest

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language: TOEFL
  • Test of Spoken English: TSE
  • World Education Services: WES (for students who took coursework in a foreign country)
  • Licensure Tests: NCLEX | Praxis

Institutional Codes: 1302 (for most testing agencies); 0016 (for the ACT)

For more information, please contact the Transfer and Credit Analyst at (205) 726-2909 or by e-mail at