Samford University



Alabama Power provides electricity. New residents pay a deposit. To request service, call (205) 326-8004.

Alabama Power Company
Corporate Headquarters
600 North 18th St.
Birmingham, AL 35203
(205) 257-1000  

Natural Gas

Alabama Gas Corporation and Trussville Gas Company provide natural gas. Deposits are required for new accounts.

Alabama Natural Gas Corporation
20 20th St. S
Birmingham, AL
(205) 581-1100  

Water and Sewer

Birmingham Water Works and Sewer Board provides water. Renters must pay a deposit. For new service, call (205) 251-5634.

Birmingham Water Works Board
3600 First Ave. N
Birmingham, AL 35222
(205) 244-4000  


AT&T (BellSouth) provides telephone service. You may have to place a deposit, depending on your location and your history of service and credit. To connect your phone, call (205) 557-6500.  


Cable providers depend on the location of your residence. Charter and AT&T are the major cable companies in the area around Samford.

AT&T Company Store
220 State Farm Pkwy Ste 104
Birmingham AL 35209
(205) 912-7600

Charter Communications
2100 S Columbiana Rd
Vestavia Hills, AL 35216


The Birmingham Street and Sanitation Office provides garbage pick-up. For service, call (205) 254-6314. For Homewood, call 205-332-6816.