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Recovery/Relief Efforts at Samford

Posted on 2011-05-04 by Randy Pittman 205-726-4748

Samford Friends,

Thanks for your continued overflowing generosity as you pray, give and serve in the aftermath of the devastating storms last Wednesday. One way our Samford family has helped that you might not know about: we have been the temporary “home” for several hundred Red Cross volunteers who have come here from around the country to help in our community. I thought you’d want to see this note sent last night by one of those volunteers:

To the Administration of Samford University: 

 I just wanted to take a minute to personally thank you for the accommodations that you have provided to me and my fellow American Red Cross volunteers here at Samford University.  Your generosity has made it possible for us to have a place to stay while working to help the people affected by the terrible disaster that took place with the recent tornadoes.  As a Red Cross volunteer from Gainesville, FL, I was especially touched by your willingness to share not only the gymnasium for sheltering which I have been at the past 4 nights, but opening up the locker rooms and laundry as well.  While sleeping with 200 other folks on cots in the gym is not the most desirable place to be, your granting of guest internet privileges has also been most helpful to us in staying in touch with our loved ones at home.  I also must tell you that I had dinner at your cafeteria tonight and was amazed at all the great selections of food and the friendliness of the students and staff there.  So, again, thank you for all your efforts in this time where we all must pull together to help those most in need. 

Kindest Regards,  

Dottie Dreyer, Gainesville, FL   

American Red Cross volunteer 

Dottie is right…we all must pull together to help those most in need. Thanks to all of you who have made these guests feel welcome here.

Keep serving,

Randy Pittman

Vice President - University Advancement


The following websites are for state or local organizations that may be coordinating disaster response efforts:


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